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Friday, 30 December 2011

Messenger's Report.

Hey, guys, you remember Avalesca Something Something Longname Farrell-Conquest, right?  That woman who quickly became a figurehead for you guys, then turned her back on you in angst after her kid’s boyfriend died?  Of course you remember her, considering you’re reading her blog and all.

Yeah, she’s dead now. Since Christmas morning.

We’ve actually had an eye on her for quite some time.  Just sitting back, biding our time.  We weren’t really worried.  No matter how combatant of a woman you are, a pregnancy is probably going to slow you down some.  So we’ve been tracking her after she left Celie’s Haven in Maryland (that was around late September, early October) as she made her way towards California.

She went into labor in Glendora, CA (allegedly while jobhunting, I think) and was taken to Foothill Presbyterian hospital.  Her trip had left her malnourished and exhausted, which complicated the situation.  In addition to that, The Boss showed up inside her hospital room, shocking her to the point that her heart gave out.

Her child, however, survived.  Avalesca, knowing the possibility of the complications that took her life, told a nurse in advance to name the child Michelle.  Michelle currently only has a small chance of surviving the birth complications, and will most likely remain in the hospital for several months.  We’re uncertain who the child’s guardian(s) will be.  If none are found, she may be put up for adoption, but either way, it doesn’t really matter.

Blog’s over, people.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

-Don’t Shoot The Messenger-


  1. I guess...this was inevitable really.

    I'm so sorry, Ava. You'll be missed by everyone.

  2. Hm. At least Reach died fighting. Seems like no one will be around to prevent little Michelle from succumbing to Master's influence.

  3. Fuck you know...fuck


    Kid, the next time I see you I'm gonna kick your ass for checking out early. I, well...fuck I wish there was a way to get your kid, to adopt that little fucker and keep her safe from harm. I know you would want that. You always did care way too much even if you tried to hide it, heh.

    You know I'm glad I met you, Avalesca. You were the best friend I ever made and I know I already ranted about this a few days ago but...shit. At least you went out without it getting to you in the end. You're free of all this pain and death. You know I bet wherever you are you're happier and having a beer, laughing and wondering where the hell I am. Cause I was supposed to go out first and save you a spot in the afterlife.

    Hell you're probably laughing /at/ me wherever you are for being such a dramatic little pussy. I mean, look at me, I'm actually crying and now Simon and Cynthia know something is wrong. You know I'm not supposed to feel these things. They're supposed to be gone. But I guess they're not, I guess there's something left because kid, hell, I loved you like my own family. You were my little sister who got into all sorts of trouble and then called me names and bantered with me when I slapped you upside the head for doing it.

    I'm gonna miss talking to you. There's no one else I was really open with. Hell, half the reason I kept going when shit got tough this year was because of you having my back. You were the best partner in crime I had by far. I hope you're with Ray now and you two are loving it up-you both deserve it. I know I'm not gonna be too far behind...I don't think I can take it at this point. I'll try and get Cathy safe and then buy me a one way ticket out of this life. And when I do you better be waiting with a smirk and a beer because I'm gonna be thirsty.

    Avalesca Farrell-Conquest, you were a one of a kind girl and now you just need to concentrate on resting in peace.

    I love ya', kid.

  4. Not much to say but this: Ava was a great person, and lets not let her death be in vain. Don't give up people. Keep fighting. My keyboard is wet.

    R.I.P. Ava

  5. Hey, Tony, I hate to be "that guy," but, uh...she's dead. She kind of won't read that.

    And Executioner, I know I've got no experience in this, but I'm pretty sure childbirth is at least close to "going down fighting." But then again, what do I know? I kind of lack the anatomy to give birth myself.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  6. I didn't know of this post when I posted mine.

    May your soul be at peace Ava, and may you and Reach be together at last.

    Messenger: I'm curious (and admittedly out of the loop), but by doing what you do, are you protecting anyone you care about?