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Saturday, 11 June 2011

We're at Celie's Haven place. I don't like the idea of the Panic Room, it seems too much like some kind of Death Box to me...

My emotions are roughly back on the track they had been once. I am no longer the harpy I was after Redlight fucked me over. I miss Ray, but I can't mourn him again. It's almost like there is no emotional grasp there anymore. I barely even remember it, it all seems so long ago.

Slenders has been in my dreams recently. Always at the end of the hallway. The hallway I'm speaking about is the one directly outside of my room, you see...

Tony is recovering...I was shocked to see his state, actually. But I've been teasing him about getting an eyepatch and quoting Pirates of the Caribbean at him.

I don't think he's amused.

Not a lot amuses us now. Though Celie has been talking about the feathers in her hair recently. I sometimes catch her looking at me like she's going to pounce and fasten several to my head.

I got Balth back when I was in Egypt. Quarantine let me take him through to America without stalling.

I have what I went there for. It's in my room, hidden from everyone. Even Him.

I don't really know what else to say...I haven't written here in a long long time.

I'm so tired.


  1. Yeah the pirate jokes are real funny, lemme just poke one of your eyes out and then make catchy one liners that make me laugh. Hahafuckinghah.

    We just need to go out one day and go...visit a book store or some shit to pick your mood up. Librarians like books, right? Hehe, then maybe we can make Cathy snap out of her depressed mood by taking her to the movies. Shit, I wonder what movies even play anymore. And yeah, I am posting this on your blog instead of talking to you.

  2. A panic room is a stupid idea. It's been proven time and time again that anything we thought could ward him off doesn't always work. It is indeed a death box, only good against proxies. Just my two cents.

  3. ava i amesk mereslluy sad that ur 18 sometimes because u am rally lonely and i think you like evryine better than me theaae days uoi nevr pay attention to mee

  4. I'm sorry, Miss Ava. I'm guessing from the comment on top of your page that you don't like people other than your friends commenting on your blog, but I just have to say: I've been reading your archives, and I have nothing but respect for you. I hope you survive your current troubles.
    PS: The Suit (Slendy, whatever) seems to HATE upbeat music. Something I found out the other day.

  5. I'm checking to make sure you are okay. Slendy has been a little more aggressive than usually so I'm running tabs on everyone to make sure they are okay. Piece of advice: If you are in a dire situation: He's weak at the legs. I discovered this by a complete fluke but if you make him buckle and get on his knee (again, go for the legs of tase his @#!*% ), you'll stun him for a bit.
    Stay strong and stay alive.

  6. Request; OVERWATCH.SAI Requesting system access