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Monday, 4 April 2011

ZEKE. ¬_¬



First, I have to calm down, or I will do a Fizz and start killing all of you for your idiocy. And there is NO TL;DR for this. Read it. Read it and weep.

Last time I was in Egypt, I didn’t tell the blogosphere much as to what I’d learnt due to the express wishes of Aaron however, now he’s dead, the circumstances of our agreement have changed. At the very least I have to tell you, Zeke, what I was doing last time.

Damien’s bone.

Not the self-same bone, of course. That would be retarded, but Damien said it was from a civilisation before ours and I surmised that, well, considering all aspects of the Ancient Egyptian culture along with a little Scientist’s curiosity, they simply had to have had something that they believed drove Slenderman away. It’s human nature. Of course, looking over Damien’s blog even cursorily, you realise that it didn’t exactly do much for the man in the end, but I also had a clue to go on, something tangible. Something real. Something not in doubt as to the sanity of the author.

My Egyptian encyclopaedia.

The 42 deities of the afterlife tribunal which judged the dead in the netherworld “Hall of Justice.” Each deity was responsible for a single crime which ranged from the trivial to the serious.

Two deities caught my eye as to their Titles. The other’s are all predictably things such as “Youth” or “Foreteller” or Flame.”

The two that jumped out at me were “The Pale One” and “The Bone Breaker.” Further research yielded their actual names to be “Heliopolis” and “Herakleopolis” respectively. They are from the Egypto-Greco era.

The Pale One was responsible for the crime of babbling (speaking to much and too often, generally of no consequence, ironic considering our Pale One has no mouth. But it was said that Heliopolis took the mouths of those who spoke too much as punishment) and The Bone Breaker was responsible for the crime of “Lying.”

Damien is considered to be “Lying” about a hell of a lot, considering his last ever post and the things his apparent brother said.

So now we have these two things, enough for me to close the book and get my arse in gear and over to Egypt. There I found out that the good Doctor had met a terrible fate and his son, Aaron, had taken over his post. Of course, there followed the spectacular stonewalling I was subject to thanks to Aaron’s insistence that I had no idea what I was getting into.

I glossed over everything we found that time at midnight, in the middle of the Egyptian desert, in the unmarked areas.

The good Doctor had found a bone, similar, but not exact, in the description that Damien had given. It wasn’t as tribal for starters, in fact, it was Egyptian (shocker). But the very fact of him finding such a coincidental thing is overshadowed by his other two discoveries.

He found this bone, henceforth referred to as Bone(E), in a Labyrinth. Not in the sense of the Mind, but in all actuality. He went a little way into the Labyrinth he’d found and came back out with the bone.

Dr McKenna was an intelligent man, even if he had no knowledge of Slenderman, he knew to keep the entrance in sight at all times while he explored. His notes on the expedition show his senses going haywire the further away from the entrance he got. He snatched the closest bounty and fled.

Dr McKenna noted everything down, the names he briefly saw and committed to memory, and the hieroglyphics that were etched into the cartouches. I trawled the internet and my other available resources (another reason I went to the Library that I didn’t tell you) and came across the closest match I could to a name.

The Bone Breaker. Herakle[opoli]s. A Bone(E) found in a Labyrinth. Slenderman stalking beginning shortly after this expedition.

Even if everything else Damien had ever said was a lie, I sincerely doubt he lied about the Bone(D).

After I gained the trust of Aaron, everything else was relatively straightforward. Until my internet searches revealed something to both unnerve and excite.

For those of you who aren’t going to follow the link due to wishing to continue with my account of things, I’ll highlight a section of text from the article.

Legend held that there was a vast labyrinth at Herakleopolis. A British archaeological team in the 1940s is rumoured to have discovered the labyrinth but were unable to complete the excavation due to illness amongst team members and the disappearance of one of the team leaders. The exact location of the labyrinth still remains a mystery”

Legend no longer. Mystery fucking Busted, buster. Not to mention the fact that Dr McKenna’s Father was the disappeared team leader and going to the co-ordinates Dr McKenna had written down brought forth an intricately carved entrance, the name of The Bone Breaker being praised to the heavens.

And what I had previously assumed to be Operator Symbols scrawled over Dr McKenna’s notes became a hell of a lot more important.

His name. His hieroglyphic name. His FUCKING name. No wonder His reactions are different every time someone bloody writes that thing, it’s his FUCKING NAME. How would you react if someone kept calling your name over and over? You’d either come to them, or leave them the fuck alone. M, I hope you’re reading this. The others are run of the mill hieroglyphics, but the Faceless Man and the Operator Symbol...

I’ll assume you found these self same  hieroglyphics, Zeke.

They didn’t just praise Slenderman/Bone Breaker/Herakle[opoli]s, they built a city to appease Him.

So now I’ve got an Ancient Egyptian Bone to collect from a safebox. And I’ve got a Physical Labyrinth to investigate ASAP. I have the co-ordinates thanks to Dr McKenna.

I’m putting this in the public domain for posterity. If I die down there (which is a major possibility) I have things set in place to get Bone(E) to you, Zeke. I have a feeling the threads are coming together, and I don’t want to be choked, but in the event that I am, you’re the best person on Earth for me to pass this investigation onto.

Of course, there’s quite a bit of time between me going into the Labyrinth, I still need to investigate the Bone(E). He doesn’t seem too happy with my being awake again. He was a lot quicker to come back and leer at me. He's here right now actually.

He scares me shitless. But I hate him too.

Hate > Fear, methinks.


  1. Thats a hell of a lot of notes. I wanted to tl;dr so bad but, with what you posted at the top it would've felt wrong.

  2. Well. I suppose I should start reading that book on Ancient Egyptian Mythology I saw at Half Price the other day.

  3. Hey, don't forget that your recovery course isn't up yet. We can't go to Egypt until Thage gives you the all-clear.

  4. ^_^ Praise the lord, and pass the ammunition. I love it when we get to know what we're dealing with. It's this pretty feeling of "Hooray. Options."

    Awesomely done, Ava. Good luck.

  5. ...Well, shit. It pays to be a librarian, huh?

  6. Oh, SHIT.

    That time He drew the symbol on my forehead is a lot scarier now.


  7. interesting

    have fun being killed underground

  8. While this is of course from me, I'd like to believe I am echoing a similar sentiment throughout those of us that follow you.

    You may snap at us occasionally, saying that we're expendable in the fight, or telling us to fuck off. But we're not mad. You've been through some rough shit, and while trying to deal with it you have this mass of people saying you're their hero, when you just wish you could be left alone. We just wanted you to know that no matter how much you yell at us, that doesn't change jack shit. Just like M is an inspiration to the runners, and Zeke is to the fighters, you're the leader of the thinkers. To those of us who see this as another problem that can be solved with the Scientific Method, you rock. Hell, you managed to make a connection no one ever thought of in this post! You are the Thinker Queen! And we love you Ava. And we will not kindly fuck off.

  9. @Roy, if you love something let it go.

  10. Ladies and gentlemen, behold how Matt practices the ancient art of complaining about theories he has not read and does not understand! Marvel at the idiocy!

  11. Matthew, please don't be a Moron, or I'll be forced to delete more of your idiocy from my blog.

    Letters in a name. Not to mention that Heiroglyph NEVER translate to English, you twat.

    Nothing is set in stone with the Bone Breaker. This is called "Educated Theorising."

    I would not expect someone with the IQ range of a spoon to understand.

  12. .adeawru3i28yrvfromCairo
    Bleeding, ev.er7ytehng bled

  13. @Nil Good response, but I think if she honestly wanted all of us gone, she's just private message this stuff to her friends. However, if she completely and honestly wanted us to stop worrying about her, I would be okay with respectfully leaving. I just don't think that's what's happening here.

  14. Ava, in order to emulate me you'd need to be a lot less openly vitriolic. Let the hate be the subtext, not what shows up on the screen. Talk down to 'em without being condescending. Or, if all else fails, just shoot them in the head when you encounter them on the street and go about your day like nothing happened. That gives you the bonus of pure chaos in the streets fucking up the local precinct's attempts to catch you.

  15. @Fizz, doing the latter for simply seeing someone post something you think is stupid makes you abouty as mature as a six year old.

  16. Ava, you're brilliant. Every time I start to lose what little faith I have in everyone, you bring it back. I can tell the stress is getting to you, and I know it's getting harder and harder to keep going. But you've inspired more people than you can possibly imagine. And we'll stand by your side, no matter what. Even if you don't want us here, you'll find us when you need us.

    This's mind-boggling. I'm really starting to think twice about whether we should actually be fucking with it. In a sense, knowing names helps with just about any supernatural entity. But in this case, I don't think it's going to do us any good. Still, the temptation to shout that next time I see him is pretty tempting.

    No matter how bad this labyrinth is going to be, there has to be SOME way you can prepare. Why don't you try leaving some marks? If it's as supernatural as it seems to be, the walls might just fix themselves. But there's always the good old 'tie yourself to something' option.

    Tomorrow's Forecast- Sunny, with highs in the mid 70s. Less than a 1% chance you're going to die down there.

    Don't make me confront my misplaced faith, Ava. I know you can do this.

  17. @bravethestorm Nice comment bro. I agree, long live Ava the Brain!

  18. Oh my god, I log back in and there are these sycophantic arselickers. Jesus. Get a room and wank yourself to death, don't jizz all over my blog.

    My research could have easily been presented before me, but you're all too stupid to live, let alone do research.

  19. Relax Ava, you're doing the most(which is something people used to say back when I was in school, NO idea what it means).

    I actually want to compare you to a mama bird throwing her kids out of the nest. But I feel like that comparison would be a kick in the tits given your current situation.

  20. A man is standing on some tracks,
    When he hears an engine running.
    He turns to see what's on the tracks.
    What's the last thing he sees coming?
    Once the answer you have gleaned,
    Numerus septem goes to Jean.

    - Nocturne

  21. A train?

    Shit, I suck at these... >.<

  22. Nothing? Death? Train seems too obvious.

  23. The key at this point is to find words that also fit into the sentence he's trying to make. Without the book of rain, the tall man will... what?

  24. An end? The end? His end?

  25. The answer I can plainly see,
    The final answer of Jean's three,
    Congratulate your erstwhile friend,
    The answer is he'd see his end.

  26. "Without the book of rain, the tall man will end..."

  27. I've kinda.. just caught up with your blog(it can be a damned long read), I'm up-to-date with a few others, still need to get through Reach, Tony, Cathy, Cynthia, Robery, Thage, and a hell of a lot of others I'm sure.

    For the moment, however, I simply want to say that should you find yourself in Ireland again(before or after you check out the labyrinth) and wish for some assistance, please do let me know.

    Sadly I live with my family so for obvious reasons I can't offer you a place to stay, but any help I can give I will gladly, regardless of whether or not I see Slendertwat.


  28. Who did Quirinus slay when he was a mere mortal?

  29. Oh, well done, Zero. This just gets more interesting by the minute.

    But for this minute, Spiralling Towards the Sky is the place to be!

  30. Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

    Subject: Avalesca Conquest. Status: Semi-stable. Abilities: Low. Emotional status: Moderate. Threat level: Moderate. Intelligence level: High. Potential: Moderate. Danger: Low.

  31. Ava.

    I know there are more important things to you at mind, but if you're going to try to find an escape hatch soon from the Hell He brings down, then please tell me this: What are your final thoughts on comparing Heryshef to the Slender Man? Is it worth more digging?

    Do you think it was the Tree worshipped in His name within His Temple that gave Him His new persona in this modern world? The Neret Khenet?

    Good luck to you.

  32. Found this linked from Zeke's blog. Just wanted to applaud your work. I'm new and trying to catch up on everyone's stuff. I seem to be lucky enough to be granted the time to do so.
    Clearly you don't care to hear this, but thank you for being an intelligent one in the midst of all of this. It seems like it would be very easy to stop trying to learn and research in the midst of the fear.