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Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I finally managed to get Aaron onside, mainly due to the fact that I traveled to the bloody dig he was on myself.

There were raised voices, near-hits ectectect. The locals who were doing the actual digging were looking at us like we were odd.

Upshot of it all is that he's agreed to lend his expertise to me. For a fee of course.

The fee of course....ends up being me paying for dinner and if he gets caught sneaking around ruins that we aren't allowed around, him being able to claim that I pressganged him into it.'s kinda true I guess.

And then we spent the day bickering in a Records Room, looking over old records of where the hell the Temple of Kuk may or may not be.

We're heading out to a temple, possibly THE temple tomorrow. Because I threatened to tell his co-workers about him as a little kid.

Urgh. I'm so tired all the time....I'm not losing time yet...but He's being so very aggressive.....

I'm not happy with this, but I've been feeling the compulsion to film myself.

I hate it. It's like He's trying to get me to SEE Him behind me, even when I know he's there.

The Father figure is everywhere now.Always there at my shoulder.

I've tried the meditation, but the second I closed my eyes....The Father thing pounced on me. The hands were around my throat in seconds.

I opened my eyes again, and BAM, back to just passively watching me.

I'm scared to fucking BLINK now.

So much shit is happening.....something's happened to Tony and I'm barely holding it together at that thought. Cyndia...Cathy....Matthew...Lya, Sandra and Matt.

Fuck. Me.

Fuck this shit.

I'm going to grab Aaron. We're going to that place tonight. And Slenderp can go fuck himself, Cthulu-style.

Catch you on the flip side, friends,



  1. Don't get yourself killed.

  2. Father figure? I've never seen him be referred to that way until now. Well, I suppose it makes sense in hindsight.

  3. Good luck, Ava. Slenderp can go shove a [REDACTED] up his [DATA EXPUNGED] with [EXPLETIVE REACTED] in a [DATA EXPUNGED] and a rusty shovel.


  4. Rebecca. I don't mean Slenderman. I mean my ACTUAL dead Father.

    From The Labyrinth.

    @Vivi. Hehehehe. You're working for the SCP now? XDD

  5. Ava, you went straight into Slendy's lair and bit him. And got out. Alive.

    You can beat this.

    Stay safe.


  6. @Ava: Slendy vs. 682. That would be the fight of the century.

  7. @Ava All I can say is stay strong sweetie.

    @Genevieve There needs to be fanart and/or fiction of that stat!

  8. I know you hear this a lot but you're going to hear it again: good luck and stay safe.

  9. Hoso, I could say the self-same thing to you. And darling, you're worth it to us.

    No matter what He may do.

  10. Stay safe and best of luck. Wow, I feel like I'm copying now, but really, stay safe. Hope you find out some useful stuff about SlendHERP.

    Best Wishes