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Saturday, 19 February 2011


Is the day.

We will get him out.

Cynthia, I'm sorry for your troubles, but the others can go screw themselves. I'll talk to you all I wish. I knew you before and I'll know you during too.

I hope I don't see you tomorrow, that would not be favourable circumstances. And I doubt you'd like to see your Father.

We are armed, thanks to Spender. I won't say with what, but we are. It was only to be expected, so I can say it.

And Red, don't take us for idiots. Please. Reach told us of the guys you've got around the Hospital/Asylum. They aren't the best you have, I'm sure.

We'll just have to risk it though.

For those of you interested in how my Mother is doing

Brave has her with them. Her phone is down for the moment, but I am assured that she is safe.


  1. Here's hoping the three of you manage to pull off another miracle.

    *hug* Try not get yourselves arrested or killed ok?

  2. Thanks, Kay.

    You read my mind, Yg.

  3. I wonder who will die first: you miss Avalesca? Or perhaps Raymond?
    Did you consider perhaps that Robert is already dead? That The Great Tall One had him killed so that you imbeciles so filled with hope will find nothing more than a rotting corpse when you risk life and limb to save him? What will you do then?

  4. Robert isn't dead. We've seen him through the windows.

    Capitalise "Miss" it is a title.

    None of us will die. Or most of us will die. Either way we get Robert back. It matters not.

    Why the heck are you still here?

  5. Truly? Well then, there is still hope isn't there?
    My apologies Miss.
    I suppose it does not matter if you do or do not survive. I am guessing however that you will die.
    Why? Because I seek to aid The Great Tall One in any way I can. You are his enemies.

  6. There is always hope. Always.

    You are forgiven for your grammatical problem.

    Well, we'll see, shan't we?

    I may, I may not. The future is not written in stone.

    Oh see? Now you've made me wax lyrical all over my page.

    Oh? Really? I'm sorry for you.

  7. Child, get it through your thick skull. My name is Reach. Raymond Shaughnessy is an empty grave in southern Ireland. My girlfriend is the only person allowed to call me Raymond and she calls me Reach. Because I am Reach.

    Christ, you people weren't this stupid in my day. And considering my day was about five months ago, things have really gone downhill.

  8. Thick skull? No need to be rude Raymond.

  9. Child, seriously, go fuck yourself. I am not in the mood for someone with the cognitive abilities of a jellyfish.

  10. Good luck. You two have gotten in and out of worse, so I'm pretty optimistic. And I'm rooting for you, if that counts for anything.

  11. Ava it amuses me that no one seems to remember that I'm a part of this group. THAT'S FINE, I'll just go mope in the corner like a teenager filled with angst. No one cares about me whine whine whine.

    Hehe, can't wait for tomorrow.

  12. Well, I mentioned none of you actually XD

    Awww. You know I love you too.

    Oh yes, it really should be thumping good fun.


  13. u mad, Raymond? In fact, can I call you Ray?

  14. Morningstar. No text speak. Your comments will be deleted if it persists.

  15. Actually, you mentioned me, dear.

    Morningstar, are you familiar with the word "moron"? It comes from the Greek word for "dull". That's what you are. Dull, drab, boring. Somewhat appropriate for someone who uses a blunt force weapon as their username.

    If you had actually acceded to my request, that would have been interesting, but what you're doing right now? Boring. Seriously, get out of here. When we've got people like Redlight and Fisk, what makes you think we take you even remotely seriously?

    Call me what you want. You're nothing more than a speck of dust on a window to me. Now, float away, little speck, and bother me no further.

  16. Text Speak? I suppose it is, though you may want to take a look at this:
    Again, apologies.

  17. Forgive the potential double post, but I do really feel it would be rude not to respond to my buddy Ray.
    I chose the name Morningstar not in reference to the weapon, but something else entirely.
    I do not expect you to take me seriously. Indeed I did not think you would even take the time to respond to my little comments. I am flattered.
    Compared to Fisk and Redlight, I am indeed nothing. Perhaps that will change, perhaps The Great Tall One will kill me like all the rest. I shall still serve him in any way I can. Now perhaps we should stop clogging up the comments section on Miss Avalesca's lovely blog?

  18. Miss Avalesca? With a capital M? Look, it can be taught!

    Okay, that was petty of me, but I couldn't resist. Ava, Reach, Tony, and everyone else involved... there is nothing I could say here that you don't already know, so I guess the most I can do is wish you the best of luck. I don't know what it might accomplish, but I will spend the night thinking of you.

    Bring him home, guys.

  19. I don't care whether you were referencing the weapon, the demon, the heavenly sphere or the obscure Cartoon Network villain, Morningstar, just stop being a dick on my girlfriend's blog.

  20. Um. I know I'll be more of a liability than anything, but I am in town. If you guys need a fourth I'm in. I e-mailed you, but I guess it got lost in the shuffle. So, yeah.

  21. I apologise, Echo. I have received no such email.

    Unfortunately, I would have declined your offer anyway.We've got a three-person-plan laid out and considering the firepower we have is only enough for three....

  22. Fair enough. Odd though, for an e-mail to go astray like that. Oh well. Good luck on your mission.