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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Those who are dying.

This is a notice to all of you.

I am sorry.

But I regret nothing.

Come on then, fuckers. I bloody dare you.

Try us.


  1. They can take nothing from me but my life, and I was going to have to give that up one day anyway. I've made that my motto for this ordeal. Perhaps it can give you some solace, too?

    I've been...gone for a bit, and am unsure of what's going on, but I lend you my abject support and well-wishes.

  2. If this is about what I think it is, I can only wish you the best of luck. Well wishes of luck, and a suggestion: Spender has resources, and wants Robert out as well.

    Good Luck

  3. I don't mean us.

    I mean the innocents offing themselves due to choosing Cynthia.

  4. well you lost the chance to save Cynthia. Was one stab really worth that?

  5. Yes, considering he wouldn't actually LET Cynthia go.

    I have a feeling that a Doorway would have opened either way.