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Monday, 14 February 2011


You're not exactly endearing yourself to me if you leave a gun UNDER MY FUCKING PILLOW.

How do these people keep getting into our hotel room?! looks...good I guess. Not like it's going to explode in my hands if I pull the trigger....I'll leave it with Reach though, I'm not bringing a gun into a crowded area. I'm already wanted for triple homicide in London. Plus, he needs the protection now...after his new state....

And...judging by Reach's...look...


I think he's read my posts...and that comment on his blog...


Fuck you too, life.

I'm pretending to be asleep...I've phoned quarantine in Egypt. Balth arrived last night. I need to wait a week before having him sent to Seattle, so that means a week longer in Space Needle territory and the Four Seasons. Robert...I think it's best that I don't know how the hell you afford this.

Mother's will came into effect yesterday. Sudden windfall making me try not to cry. I don't think I actually have any tears left in my body. I'll need to find out how to set myself up as an American citizen and open a bank account under a false name now. And all the documentation that entails.

He's outside...just hanging about near the trees, being Him. Blending in with the other people apart from being about ten feet tall and having no face.

I had planned to not post for a while now, considering the time and the fact that I really said all that needed to be said earlier, but the coldness of a gun under my pillow freaking me the shit out and Reach's reading of my posts....

I'm talking directly to you now, I'm not taking it back. But if you're worried I'm going to fawn over you or glance after you, doe-eyed and sighing wistfully we'll see how good you can take a slap with these new nerves of yours.

Now seriously, I need sleep.


  1. Sorry. I was going to have them hide it in another flower pot but your hotel room was really devoid of life.

    Also, blame that bellman, Marcus. Seriously, he let my associate in for $200 dollars.

    It's filled with cold iron rounds as previously stated. Reach might know what that means if anyone does, so it's probably a good idea he handles it.

    When I return from my roadtrip, perhaps I can discuss what I can do for a new identity for you and Reach.

  2. First: Reach is awake. YES. Good news!

    Second: Good luck with Redlight. I love dresses...(closet girly girl). I would advise acquiring a pair of bike pants to wear underneath in case you need to be able to not worry about flashing someone if things get nasty.

    Third: So Reach has read your posts. What's been said's been said, Ava, and I can't blame you for saying it when you did. If I had been in your situation I would have too. At least he didn't do what I did upon being confessed to and BSOD.


  3. Oh, Ava. I'm actually in the US right now. If you would like, I'd drive over to Seattle.

    With hope that you aren't killed by so many people breaking in, Liam.

  4. Hehehe, new nerves, eh? Sounds like Reach might be a brand new man. Here's to hoping you two end up kissing sometime today!

    Good luck with everything, kid. I'm sure you're gonna need it.

  5. Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Under your PILLOW? Oi vey.... Come on, Spender. There are these things called limits. Anyways... Glad Reach is alive and sane. Glad YOU'RE alive and sane. I hope redlight drowns in a fire. Happy Velentine's, I guess. Tell Reach hi from me.

  6. Well, I do have just a bit more good news; I don't think Spender will be catching any of us off guard from now on.

    As for the cold iron...I do seem to recall some mention of His being somehow linked to the Fair Folk. I'm not sure how much good it'll be on his Agents, but I still know a bullet made of ANYTHING hurts when it hits something. Best of luck Ava, and do consider making this a double date; you have no idea what might have been done to Cyndia while she was away. Even SHE may be a handful, if you don't watch it. No one says you'll be needing Reach for it, but Seattle is a big place. If nothing else, you could probably hire a few capable people to keep things fair. With Redlight...five on one sounds good to me, and that's being generous.

    Tomorrow's Forecast- Downcast, with rain throughout the day. Highs in the mid 30s. About a 60% chance of tentacles.