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Monday, 14 February 2011


I'm in the red dress. At the back. The green private booth. North facing. You can see Queen Anne Hill in the distance.

Come on then.

Let's talk, you bastard.

Reach is not with me. I'm sorry to everyone saying "bring him" but honestly....after what he's been through and what he is now.... I hate leaving him alone, but in this case. It's needed. He's got the gun though. He can protect himself.

Vivi, I took your advice. Bike shorts are certainly a good thing under this....flimsy, flouncy thing. But if I'd gone up here looking like I'm waiting for someone in jeans, shirt, jacket that looks like it's concealing shit....well, I wouldn't have gotten up here.

I'm going to see what I can do about Marcus. I have no wish for any more unexpected visitors.

So what, Red? We're going to have breakfast as a three? Pretend to be Valentine's? What? Are you going to tell me all about what you did to Reach? Going to offer to wipe my mind again?

You sicken me.


  1. I hope you'll be ok.... And I hope you have some backup, just in case. Please be safe, alright?


  2. Have fun on your date. Try to make him cry if you can. Actually, if you can manage it take pictures. I'm sure we would all like to see that.

  3. Kick some ass and try to be safe hon.

  4. Good luck on your date, break his heart for us. Don't get cocky be safe...well as safe as you can be and

    Good Luck

  5. Stay safe, Ava. And stay level headed.

  6. Alive and healthy with a sure win.

  7. Wait. Um. Wipe your mind again? Or offer again? And I think that "level headed" doesn't help when the everything else is tipped. The scales. Weigh the opportunities. I like "Good luck on your date, break his heart", though. That's funny. Maybe find a little heart candy that says "I <3 U". Except, write "kill" over the "<3". Um.
    That's weird...

    Don't get hurt. Again. You know. Or else we'll get sad. And miss you. And. Stuff. Anyway. Good luck.