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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Passing through American airspace~

And getting a slight signal~

3G network, oh how I love you.

I'll be with them soon enough.


  1. Stay safe.

    ...Today was the first day I didn't have some nightmare. You guys definitely did something.

    Trying to picture that all three of you in a single room will make the world erupt in badassery or something like that.

  2. Stay in the Clear, Ava.

    And if Reach and Robert read this.

    Thanks for bringing him back.

    -Jeff and Cheska
    The Keeper and the Chessmistress

  3. Well, the universe has yet to explode.

    I plan to, you two. And JEFF I WILL KICK YOU IN THE FACE YOU IDIOTÁ.

    But I still love you, Cheska hit him then kiss him for me, huh, hun?

  4. 3G signal while in the air? Ava, you dangerous little wench. ;) Stay safe.