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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Oh wait, no, there are words.

Of course, Redlight~

I'll be your Valentine~

Monday's the day~

What's your perfect date?

I especially like the ones where I can bring a shotgun~

It's on, dickweed.

Guys. I'm racing to a hastily acquired flight with people who may either land the plane in Seattle Tacoma airport, or scream about a Jihad before slamming it into the Space Needle. At least, that's the vibe I'm getting.

Aaron's as bad as me when it comes to the "Knowing Bad People" stakes.

I'll be back at 3:30PM by this clock on my blog.

7AM for you people in America.

Robert. I have so much gratitude and love in me for you right now, I may ask you to marry me.

Reach.....oh god, I'm on my way.

Oh shit. This is going to be embarrassing...after what I said...I'll bear it. I'm forgetting to care right now.


  1. Be wary of even the skies, you never know. God, I sound so cryptic. Working on your portrait, Ava! Maybe it'll involve a dead Slendy/Redlight in the background....
    The Therapist

  2. Portrait, whut.

    You're new, I don't think I've noticed you before.

    Oh shit, I have to go, we're taking off.

  3. Good luck, Ava. Be safe. Make sure to give Reach and Robert high fives from us.


  4. @Ava
    I am new, yes, but I have been reading up for awhile. Wasted all of my school time, too. I'm doing porftraits for everyone! In my way of seeing them, so don't be surprised if they look nothing like you! Hope your flight is turbulence and proxie free! *knock on wood*

  5. Ava, you've dealt with worse. Give them hell if they scream holy war.

  6. If anyone can stop a terroist plane from hitting something I'd bet all my money on you, Ava. Also, tell Reach hi, and that I hope he's feeling better soon. And if you happen upon Redlight...well, I'm sure you'll take good car of him, but give him and extra kick in the balls for all of us. That should be, oh I dunno, like 934384734583945 kajillion ballkicks for him! >)

    Best Wishes, and fuck Redlight over good.

  7. Ballkicks hurt D:

    Dish them out like candy!

  8. But embarrassment is a good trade off for him to be alive. Since you've all ready taken off and won't see this till you land:

    Welcome to my side of the pond. :)

  9. Heh. Ava and Redlight on a date. Slashfic gold.

    Stay safe.


  10. Kaiju: I had assumed Redlight was male. If that's the case then it's not a slashfic. It's a crackfic. If not, wouldn't it be femslash? vov

    Ava: Good luck on the flight. I doubt they'll try to crash into anything. Anyway, if you end up in my area, drop me an e-mail. I'll be happy to do what I can.

  11. Redlight is male. I never want to read that crackfic evereverever.

    they didn't god i'm tired though.

  12. I'd read it, if only for the comedic value.