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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oh god.

It's like my eyes are scarred.

But not physically, it's just.....I can see those doors and the shadows everywhere, even in the day when I know they're not there.

And I've started up one of my old habits again. I'm constantly chewing gum. That acrid taste from when I bit that fake Father just won't go away. I've brushed my teeth so many times but it just won't go away. So yeah, chewing gum constantly.

And He's back. And fucking violent. Thrashing his tentacles against the window like bullwhips in quick succession. He's staring at me from outside the airport.

I slammed a fist on the glass. The security guards looked at me oddly, but now I'm just glaring murderously at something that isn't there to everyone else in the airport.

Ohgod I still can't believe he's gone. I refuse to believe it, but....I just.

Thank you all, again, for your help and your well-wishes. I fell asleep very quickly, unfortunately....of course, then I woke up to that Father thing in my room. Lurking over my bed. I choked on my lungs I think.

He wasn't actually there, I don't think The Labyrinth is leaving me any time soon.

I'm not going to America currently.

I'm going back to the place that I lived for six months with said adoptive Father.


Thage gave me many ideas with her "Pharaoh's Game" post.....if He hasn't and doesn't show up in Egypt.....why?

I'll find out. Reach did tell me to take it one continent at a time.

Catch you on the flip side,



  1. That's it, I have had it with this motherfucking cosmic horror on this motherfucking plane!

    Joking aside, best of luck, Ava. Keep us informed.

  2. Interesting! Egypt! Land of sand and pyramids! Pharaohs and jackals! Camels and phantoms! The voices of the dead kings and a thousand friendly spirits! Not to mention the first fantastic and full library! Alexandria! And the unfriendly spirits! Yes! An ancient Utopia of itself! Filled with the uprisings and revolts!

  3. Urgh, sounds horrible, try and keep your mind occupied with something not at all related to it should help a little, but mental scars can take a damn long time to heal. Nice to see the 'it can't get you at airports' bit of Robert's story was true, but it seems Specter/Nightcrawler wasn't kidding when he reported that it was getting more aggressive.

    Good Luck.

  4. Good luck, Avalesca. Remember to post so we know you're still alive...cause that other post scared the shit right out of me.
    So, yeah. Keep us informed...and stay safe. Please, stay safe.


  5. Be careful in Egypt thing are hella crazy over there right now.

  6. Hasn't and doesn't show up in Egypt might not be entirely true. Some of my old colleagues believed he once existed there primarily in much the same manner he he used to operate out of Germany. It's not where he keeps himself currently, but it was once the 'head office', so to speak. Though, to be fair, that was Ancient Egypt, so maybe I'm warning you about nothing.

  7. This is what I mean when you had to give yourself a crash course.

    As for Egypt... as best as I can gather, because the Black King masqueraded as one of their gods, when belief in them waned, so did belief in Him. The best of luck on your search, keep us posted.

  8. Hhehehe, thanks guys. Judging by the look the check-in girl gave me, not many people are going INTO Egypt with the civil unrest there.

    But it's needed.

    Hmm. He has yet to get in, but He's still there. Really pissed off it seems. I'm looking forward to seeing if He is able to get to me on the airplane.

    At least I'll be able to sleep for five or six hours. Cairo's only two hours in the future, so I shouldn't be too jet-lagged....

    Huh. I'm glad my Uni fund was started before I was born. I'd be broke by now otherwise. I'm going to brush up on my Arabic it seems...I speak Hebrew fluently, so I'll be able to get the basics across.....

    Urgh. I hate all this responsibility....Balth's travelling with me, but in a separate plane.

    Hmm. A good thing about civil unrest is that hotel prices are cheap and rooms are abundant.

  9. @Thage. Mmm. "Thief of Kuk." Female apparently. Should certainly be interesting to see. Dad was an archaeologist for a while before working at Christies.....That why we were there. On a dig. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to find out some things?

    And thank you, Thage. For being a friend to me. Even if you do have to stay neutral.

  10. What can I say? Loopholes were made to be abused.

  11. Adventure! That sounds so fun! Egypt. We have a tiny bit of Egyptian in us somewhere, us Whelans.

    I guess I should read up on Thage while I'm at it. I'm curious about this theory.

    Keep us posted!

  12. Ava!

    You're alive. Congratulations. You win at It's game.

    For now.

    But seriously. Stay safe.

  13. If you happen to stumble upon a spiky-haired young man who carries a gold reversed pyramid with the Eye of Horus on its front, do be sure to ask if he's up for another round of 'Save-The-World'.

    Oh my lord, I am the most culturally insensitive nerd.

    Good luck in Egypt!

  14. A yu-gi-oh reference, Ouroboros? Please, everyone knows Bakugan is where it's at!

  15. Oh Hell Naw.

    YGO all the way, betches. I LOVED that thing back home.

  16. Hope all goes well in Egypt. Also, Yu-Gi-Oh is FTW. LittleKuriboh is bomb. He's so hilarious with his parodies, almost makes me not scared of TPF. XD