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Friday, 11 February 2011

Of course it's not pointless, I apologise for my weakness, friends.

But of course, you all know how hard it is, hmm?

Tyrannicide, I don't like you. You can't be Frap. Frap cannot be posting because Frap doesn't alliterate constantly and the Frap that I knew, didn't leap at the chance to kill innocents. You do yourself no favours. I want to speak to Frap, DIRECTLY. And if I find out he's been hurt in any manner, I'll gut you with my fingernails/

We went to the Temple. It's not unmarked as a Temple, but they have yet to find out who it is name of.

Not Kuk, that's for sure.

We went to it through a short drive, I must say, sand and wheels do not mix. But we got there in the end through some very anti-climactic driving across sand dunes that look the same as every other dune.

The temple was beautiful, all backlit by the moon. I knew and Aaron knew that it was stupid to go to the place at night, but there was just such a load of tension in the air that I think one of us may have leapt for the other's throat had we not done it.

He was there...observing once more. There's nothing that much to say really. Aaron and I went to a place, shit happened, we ran.

It's what happened back at the hotel that fucked us over.

A bunch of balloons, red, heart-shaped, inside my hotel room. On my bed.

The card, Valentines, obviously from America due to it's spelling of "color" on the back in the info box.

"Dearest, Darling Ava,

I'm coming for you, my darling Valentine."

I'm not a happy bunny.


  1. Valentine! That is Frap, is it not? A nickname! From you!

    And Tyrannicidae! Only a title, friend! Fellow!

    A surprise Valentine's!

    It is not even the fourteenth! Or the fifteenth!

    ...Anyway, we must flee this feature for now. We go to fight! We fear for your own feelings and hope you stay fine! Farewell!

  2. No hints as to who sent it other than most likely a proxy?

  3. ...Okay, that's just weird. Heart-shaped balloons and some creeper calling you their Valentine? What?


  4. Ew. Just ew.

    And don't apologize for a mini breakdown. After everything going on lately, you are more then entitled to have one.

  5. On normal occasions I would be swooned by a friend having a secret admirer.

    But a stalker, secret admirer?...


  6. I've never heard of Slenderherp sending Valentine's gifts. Probably a proxy of some sort. That's super creepy though.

  7. I understand your time of weakness, I have them myself. I'm not sure if Tyran is Frap, but he seems cool.

  8. Ava.

    make sure you be careful.

    i know i shouldnt have to tell you that... but, now, more than over, you need to be careful.

  9. You know exactly who it is now. Ava, push Reach in. I...I have a stupid risky dumbass plan. Then, get your hands on a solid something...and try to leave a bit of him alive for me.

  10. I knew who it was before. I always end up knowing most things when it comes to it female intuition.

    I'm ashamed to say, Robert, that after reading that post...I snapped. Like that time with the cats...

    But thank you, my friend. Oh god. Just. Thank you. Oh god, I'm crying again because he's alive and you're alive and everyone I'd ever thought I'd lost is actually AILVE on me suddenly.

    Where are you, I need to get there. Aaron can stay or come with me, but you know and I know that I need to be there.