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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Cynthia is as good as Balthazar when it comes to Slender-detection.

Apparently "Daddy's Here. And he wants to play with us."

Reach and I are scouring the area outside our windows and hallway but I'll be fucked if we can actually see the bastard.

So yeah.

Not happy.

And it's not Redlight driving those people to kill themselves as a message to me.

Which begs a question that we need answered.

Come ON you coward. Tell me who you are.


Urgh. Of course I'm scared. I'm always scared, I'm like a rabbit in the headlights every damn day and I swear my heartrate is so fast I could rival a mouse. I'm stressed and nauseous and fretful but that's what happens when you're Slenderstalked I guess. The only reason I seem calm and collected is because in the internet has a backspace button.

And we need to figure out a manner in which to get Robert out before Sunday's Frontal Lobotomy. Either Reach and I or some of YOU.

Spender. I don't like you in the slightest, but I don't think Catherine Shaunessy's number would go amiss right now.

I think my moral compass is so thoroughly de-magnetised that I may be saying four words that I loathe soon enough, just so I can know.....


  1. I'm chasing down ideas for where Robert might. Gave the most realistic one to Spender since he supposedly has the resources to chase these things down. Still working on other possibilities for if/when that one doesn't pan out. Wish I knew if that post saying Fairfax was meaningful or just a fake lead.

  2. If you can't get him, we're here to help.

    Stay safe.


  3. Fuck! He's... he's getting lombotomized? Jesus Christ... I can't do ANYTHING! Dammit.... Good luck Ava, and... don't turn into something you're not.

    NAPPA, Therapist


    I believe the correct hospital/asylum is. It's the only place with the facilities to preform a Frontal Lobotomy AND keep Robert in a room.


  6. Urgh, good find. I didn't even know that there were still places barbaric enough to do lobotomies.

    If you want help to get him out say the word, but I need to know fast in order to book a flight and make up an emergency vacation excuse to my boss.

  7. You'll know what to do the second I vaguely figure something out with Tony, Cathy and Reach.

    We have til Sunday, so there is a grace period at least.

  8. Got it. What's your email? I have a vague thought that may be the beginings of a plan. Hurray for both of us feeling vague.

  9. Yes, Ava, she arrived late last night. She'll be posting later on her blog.

    And ignore what you see on eleventh hour. Negotiation is not the way you win this game.

  10. You have my daughter? Wait, what's going on? People are dying- Ava, /what is happening/?

  11. I don't negotiate with terror--


    Dead people.

    Cathy. Yes. Reach and I have Cynthia.

    Other things happened too, but I sense all you'll care about is Cyn for the moment XD

  12. Wait, wait, who's dying? Did something happen?

    Of course, but I need to know what's happening!

  13. Ava,

    Sorry for the silence the past day and change, you are already aware why of course. That said, now that I'm not trapped in an attic, I can commend you. Mostly for taking another chunk out of Redlight and saving Cynthia.

    That said, when you get a chance, check the front desk. Ask if they have a letter from a man named Gordon. If they don't, I suggest you leave that hotel and relocate as soon as sanely possible.

    I'll have more to discuss with you when I'm not on the road and needing to perform field medicine on myself.

  14. @Cathy. Calm down. Please. Yes, people are dying, they are posting on your daughter's blog. People are being forced to kill themselves because SOMEONE is a petty fool. And it's not Redlight.


    They did.

    Now the fuck what?

  15. Goddamnit, sometimes I consider relocating to America just so I can HELP you people. URGH.

    Wait. KAYLEE. Oh no that's not gonna work. FFFFFF

    I hate feeling so helpless.


  16. Oh God...have they said anything recently? many people?

  17. The total will come up at four if they're to be believed.

  18. Four people...they're dying because...because of Cynthia?

  19. No Cathy and don't you let yourself think that way. They're dying because of the faceless monstrosity trying to kill us all.

  20. They're dying because I took Cynthia and stabbed Redlight. I'll take the blame, I'm already regretting everything anyway.

    Good to see the two of you are alive at least. The radio silence was disconcerting.

  21. No, no, don't play the blame game. None of us are going to get anywhere if we do that. Is there anything I can do? And Thage said the total would come to four, have there not been four yet?

  22. Crapcrapcrap- is Tony with you? Can he do something?

    Are you okay?

  23. What the fuck is going on here? What the hell's happening?

  24. I have a plan! I'll check myself into Fairfax on account of schizophrenia, and break him out from the inside!

    ...Yeah, that was a bad plan. Well, not quite. I mean, it could work. Maybe. But I don't think the Emperor will be getting any help from the Hanged Man; the rope is stuck in place.

    Three have died, and a fourth might - not even people who were already Proxies, people who were just recruited for the very purpose of dying. Which sucks. But we MIGHT...I able to stop it. Plus, there's another deal that's supposed to come up. Which is also bad.

    That was mostly clarifying for myself, honestly. But anyway.

    Good luck, to all of you! Stay alive! Or else we'll kill you. Again with the black humor. Sorry. Well, don't die, still. judgement's Threes won't last forever. Also a bit morbid. Good luck, again.

  25. Oops. Scratch that. Someone named Tommy. Not dead yet - but that's REALLY bad. Why the kids! Come on!

  26. you really think he isn't reading all these ideas, you don't think he's ready this time?

    As I said on White Elephants, if he doesn't pull this off, we've got no fear of him.

  27. Which is why we need to abide by the Unspoken Plan Guarantee. Or discuss plans off the blogs.

  28. @Scott
    That's what I was thinking!
    Are you there? And ok?