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Sunday, 20 February 2011



Could be the last day of my life, or Tony's life or Reach's life, or even Robert's.

Could also be the day that the three of us get out Robert without a single hitch in our plans.

Or something in between.

I saw what Reach carved...

I carved my own thing underneath it with my knife...

"Omis tui substructio sunt possidere ad nobis."

A message, to Redlight.

A meme made true.

My Latin is rusty, excuse me.

I think I'm giggling at my joke's hysterical and probably waking the others but, hey, I need it.

If I don't update at the end of the day, I insist every single one of you takes a shot of brandy in my memory. And spelling all your outpourings of emotion in the Queen's English would be a lovely touch.

Delta-Fucker is going to be hunting Tensor on the outskirts of our...thing. But if the price of his help is the P.T.C getting their hands on Robert before us and then "Handing him over to us" later, he can go fuck himself.

Catch you on the flip side, friends,



  1. Je vous souhaite que la meilleure des chances.

    Somehow, that sounds a bit better in French.

  2. Good luck guys sorry we weren't able to make it.

  3. Good luck guys. Be careful. Kaiju says there's a miniature army of proxies out there.

    ~ Branwen

  4. You guys have you work cut out for you. Save Robert, but stay alive as well.

    But what am I saying? Reach and Ava are the ultimate example of Battle Couple.

    Give them hell.

    -Kaiju, founder of NAPPA

  5. You know the rule, Ava.

    One word and I'll be there.

    Good luck. And don't die.

    ...Please don't die, Ava. I mean it.

  6. You're in my prayers, Ava. All of you are.

  7. Buona fortuna, ragazzi, e sorriso destino può su di voi.

    Little Italian for you. Go Google Translate. Also:
    Ciceáil redlight's asal tanaí.

    Some Irish! Woo, liguistics.
    But seriously, good luck. Be careful, friends.
    Friend, NAPPA, Consellor, Justice

  8. Ava, good luck. Thank you for helping... I hope this is not your last update.

  9. So it's Sunday? Best of luck I'd help but someone popping in from nowhere could be distra....'not the best' shitshitshitshit. Looks like I have something to do here aftre all.

    Good Luck.

  10. Good luck, Ava. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get my hands on some brandy, but I'll try.

    Unfortunately I don't know how to write the Queen's English; can anyone teach me? The only thing I know how to do is change "color" into "colour"...

    Anyway... give them hell, Ava, Reach, and Tony. And remember...

    Si vis pacem para bellum.


  11. Ava... I'm sorry for the double post, but something just occurred to me. When you get the chance to read this, please give it all due consideration.

    Have you considered the possibility that you are Robert's (Hero)?

  12. I hope that doesn't come to pass. I can't deal with two deaths.

    Good luck. And thank you for everything.

    I know you can do it.

    Now excuse me while I cry.

  13. Please survive, Ava. Reach, too. And Robert. And Tony. Please...

    There's not a lot of difference. Some words that contain "or" now contain "our" (colour, favourite) and some that contain "z" now contain "s" (realise) and "Mom" becomes "Mum". Although I wouldn't know, I've spoken in New Zealand English all my life, which uses the British spelling for everything.


  14. Wishing you the best, guys. Get out alive.

  15. Ava hope you guys make it out in one piece. Kick it in the ass.

  16. What next after Robert is safe, though? That is the million dollar question.

  17. This waiting is nerve racking. I'm hoping for "Hi guys, Rob's well againa nd redlight's been redeemed," , but I know not to expect the best case scenario. I'm for you guys and Rob, and Tony...and redlight, but not as profusely as the former. I'd feel better about this is Reach was still a Revenant. Hoo boy, I hope you guys are okay.

  18. Guys...

  19. Ladies and gentlemen. Get your brandy.

    I...I only hope things will turn out alright. Daisee doesn't need this kind of thing right now. It's hard enough to keep her together. Please be alright, Ava. We all need you.

    Don't let that bastard Redlight get to you. We all know there's no easy way out of this. Anything he offers won't be worth the price.

  20. I am not kidnapped. I am with Brave.

    My daughter's boyfriend, however, has made a post that I agree with.