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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Leaving now.

And I know that I shouldn't really be broadcasting this fact, but I want to see what exactly will happen in Egypt. He's following me closely now and nothing is worse than that, right?

So yeah.

Man, I haven't spoken Hebrew for a year and it's all coming back to be as I read through some of it to brush up. Arabic isn't that much of a leap after, since there are also a lot of similarities in vocabulary, phonetics and grammar. And in the capitals most people know English too, thanks to tourism. However, thanks to the unrest, I shall not be able to speak Hebrew or English. Since there is a misguided rumour going round that all of the British fleeing Egypt are Israeli spies.


Why is nothing ever easy?

At least I look like my Hebraic forebearers and Egypt is the most Westernised area, I should be able to blend freely without the need for religious costume.

I do not need semantics right now.

Catch you on the flip side, friends,



  1. Egypt is mighty far, Ava. And there might not be anyone there to help, so please, take care of yourself and don't try to do anything that could probably get you killed in the process.

  2. What the fuck- really fast change of plans there, kid. And here I was expecting to see you in America, cursing our people and insulting everything about us and our culture. What a let down.

    Well anyway, keep your ass outta trouble. I don't want another message on here of you panicking to that level again for a /long/ time.

    Here's to hoping it can't follow you into Egyptian territory.

  3. Get some rest on the flight and let us know that you've landed safely.

  4. Fast change of plans, but the plans were always there, Tony. I just remembered what Reach and I had talked about a little while back. And Thage's post. If I went to America, I'd have no real purpose. There's nothing for me to test there that I couldn't test in Ireland. Egypt.....

    It's given me an new goal, and I need something to focus on right now.

    Don't worry, I'll be over to Eagleland soon enough.

    I plan on not going completely insane for quite a while. Hehehe.

  5. Ohh, Egypt. Hey, be careful over there. And don't get yourself hurt.

    Remember to go sightseeing! Even though it's not a vacation, you just can't travel without sightseeing.


  6. I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to go to Egypt. Have lots of fun, despite the whole stalked by a horrible monster thing.

  7. Be careful, Ava. Good luck. I hope you find what you're looking for.


  8. If you find a kid with spiky red hair and an upturned golden pyramid necklace, ask him if he's up for one last round of 'Save-The-World'.

    I am the biggest nerd, oh my goodness.
    Best of luck in Egypt!