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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I'm Sorry.



No I'm not.

I broke Cameron's left wrist.

And knocked him out a minute ago.


Yeah, that needs backstory, right?

Blahblahblah, arrived, blahblahblah, Cameron was bitching at me about Dad being found in a tree, blahblahblah, we fought, blahblahblah, he blacked my eye, I broke his wrist, blahblahblah, I dragged him to the car. (I'm cutting out all the really personal stuffs.)

Well, Reach is not impressed....

Cameron was whining about his wrist and I had to bind it with my bandana, so I need a new one. I can't just walk around with the bald patch on show.....

Good that where that prick stabbed me in the leg has healed to a nice scar now. I'd have hated to fight my brother on uneven terms.

And then he said about how I was when I was a kid in the car in front of Reach, trying to get a disgusted look out of him I don't doubt and I punched him in the face.

I mean, yeah, I've already told you all about how I was when I ran with the wrong crowd, but he was so vulgar about it.....

Urgh. We used to be so close.

I guess four years does that to a person.

Well, four years and a douchey Dad.

We're on our way to the airstrip now....Should get him out of our hair in a few hours and then Mum'll have to deal with the little bundle of joy.

So, Cam's slumped in the back seat, getting sniffed by Balth. Reach is driving and I'm going to guess, is not impressed with either of us, and I am silently fuming and cursing the day that Dad left and Slendy started stalking him.

Mum can find out the intricacies of why Cameron's being stalked, I just can't deal with him.

Maybe later.

A year later.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


  1. Give that boy another smack upside the head for me. He should be grateful he even has family left. If I was there I would ground him, but then again that wouldn't do much with the situation, would it?

    I ran with the wrong crowd too when I was younger. I think I did it because I hated going home and being with this people I could convince myself that they were a replacement for the lack of family I had. That and I was painfully shy and just wanted to be accepted.

    Tell your mother I said hi...or maybe she checks this page. If so, hello Ava's mother. It's nice to meet you and find another mom in the mix.

    Are you doing okay?

  2. Not exactly the perfect family reunion.

  3. Cathy, I think you may be future me. That was /exactly/ why I did so too.

    She /would/ check this page....had she not dismantled the computer for reasons known only to herself and her screwdriver.

    Yeah, I guess. As Yggy said, not exactly the perfect family reunion, but what the hey. I feel I've got more family here anyway.

    You? Are you okay?

  4. Tell your bother to grow up.

  5. Hehehe! Sounds like the little bitch deserved it. Good for you, kid.

    I'm guessing everything is going good for you and mama Ava?

  6. Will, your spelling mistake made my day. Thank you. He IS a bother.

    Good, yeah. If you can count having stand-offishly emotion-filled phone calls that may be your last at every moment of the day.

    But yeah, she's fine XD Dismantled the computer though, so she's not going to be checking blogs too much. I'm having to keep her updated.



    Radio silence is not befitting you, my friend.

  7. Hehe, guessing you missed me and my sparkling personality then? How odd. Still getting used to this.

    Fuck, gotta go or trucker's gonna leave me. Talk soon.

  8. There was a bastard-shaped gap in my life, I assure you.


    Be safe.

  9. like i said on Tony's blog; your hostility to each other is soothing to my mind.

    and i think we ALL had a bastard shaped gap ava.

  10. I love him really.

    I just want to kick him in the face more.