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Saturday, 19 February 2011

I just KNEW I'd be saying these four words soon...

After I met you, due to your astonishing civility and intelligence....

Just not QUITE under these circumstances where you're bending to the point of snappage and showcasing a side of you that is quite obviously your past that you cannot remember.

I mean, you're quite obviously hateful and I still want to make you hurt. But no-one should suffer from the insanity He causes.


I wish to help.


  1. In all retrospect, your greatest enemy can also be your greatest ally. All this talk of killing actually worried me for a bit. Glad to see we have some heart. :]

    I have an urge to watch Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation now.

  2. Oh make no mistake sweetie, I hate him. He killed my Brother and a Boon Of Mine. But I draw a line when they start remembering.

    When they start doubting and remembering, then I start helping and caring.


    Dammit, why did he have to become a woobie... How can I help?

  4. Good enough. Either way if I can help in any way tell me. I always did like helping others, even if they are to be hated.

  5. i am sure you know exactly how dangerous

    those words are

    and i know you will not blindly

    follow that maniac

    he is not as sympathetic as he makes himself out to be

    i do not believe his 'hidden messages' are anything but a ruse to evoke sympathy

    because you already have reach

    think about it

  6. Darling. I am no fool.

    Please, grammar is King on my page. CAPITALISE.

    You act as though I do not think.

    I am a Scientist at the heart. All I ever do is think, observe, anticipate, think more...

  7. why have you never told me to capitalize?

    also: i love how everyone says "no one" all the time. it makes it amusing to me when i read things with the phrase in it.

    except when i read things like this...

    this seriously disturbed me...

    specially seeing how im still waiting for slendy to show up and talk to me like i asked him to.

  8. Because I gave up on your grammar a looong time ago, Matt.

  9. well i suppose you will just have to live long enough

    to make me change my ways

    i know you are no fool

    i said as much, and i do believe it, even with my misgivings about the devil's left hand

    in an effort to not be some sort of jaded cryptic cynic who can barely remember himself

    let me say this

    I trust you will use every ounce of caution that you have in dealing with Redlight, and for that I am not so much worried about you, as I am about his real focus.

  10. Mhhh. I can agree with your sentiments.

    But still.


  11. Help him? Now why would you want to do such a thing? Or rather, you'd be condemning him. Your dearest traitor hasn't touched your precious little 'family' so it's so easy to forgive him...what's the term he used for this again, ah, yes A Million Is A Statistic. So easy to forgive; no faces, just people he tortured, and did away with. All the regret in the world can't wash his hands clean think about that between the sheets dearest Librarian.

    But Redlight oh-ho, just how forgiving are you teeming disgusting beings? Will you all just forgive and forget, or will he meet someone he's fucked with and be killed? Or maybe He will finish him before that. Can you promise there'll be no hatred, that he'll be oh-so-happily pulled into your disgustingly happy 'family' like his past doesn't...oh wait, it doesn't, all that exists is the Stopping Light, how can you bring back something that has ceased to exist?

    Besides~ he doesn't want to be 'saved' he's happy as an extension of The One. Of course, how could he not be, it's the only life he knows~!

    Consider this my kindest advice: just give up and kill him like you all want to, no need to add another pointless stupid struggle to your already meaningless lives.


  12. Ava, do what you think is best. We may not agree, but we'll support you.

  13. A) You forgot to sign your name.

    B) I am NOT forgiving. Hell no. FUCK no. He killed my Brother and a friend of mine, he condemned my Mother to the Labyrinth.

    But even I am not going to leave what could be an opportunity for alliance, or at least an understanding, just....wasting away.

    I still want to hurt him for what he did. I regret nothing I've done to him. But I cannot see an equal break.

    Of course he doesn't want to be saved. But you notice how unanimously we asked him to be safe? To take our help?

    Fuck me, there is no God, but we're bloody Jesuses for being so damn nice.

    He doesn't deserve us.

    But he also doesn't deserve to be snapped.

    A Worthy Adversary you might say, and We Are The Only Ones Allowed To Defeat Him.

    Not Him.

    As a Scientist, I demand answers, not blood.

    Now kindly fuck off.

  14. I gotta say, you're a much bigger person than I. Yes, I stay this course, but tread lightly. I don't need to tell how much damage redlight has done.

  15. To those of you still not understanding.

    I direct you to the commments.

    Now, it is midnight here in Seattle and I'm bored as fuck on watch-duty.

    Unless no-face rolls up again.

  16. i didnt know about that blog




    ...Insert me sighing and giving the fuck up. Anything we can do