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Monday, 14 February 2011

I feel so sick right now.

Spender. Your men suck.


I just hurtled through the door and slammed it shut. Why does Reach seem to be buried behind a mountain of fast food containers?


I sat the booth for about half an hour before Redlight showed up. Cyndia was holding his hand. They looked, for all the world, like an older brother taking out his younger sister for breakfast at the Space Needle. Made a beeline for the booth I was in.

There followed about two minutes after the two of them sat down where I glared at him like I wanted him to boil into gas by just my mindpower.

Cyndia just started doodling Operator Symbols on the napkins and  asked me a few questions about myself.

"Ava, you're not going to kiss my big brother? Right? Cuz that's icky."

"Ava, what's Robert like when he's not being boring?"

"Ava, have you seen Mommy?"

ASDFGHJKL And I had to sit there and take it and smile nicely and answer politely and not swear because a part of my brain flicks around children so it becomes physically impossible for me to swear near them.

And then Redlight and I got down to business. He told me what he did to Reach....the methods of torture involved...What Slenderp did to him...

How could Slenderman twist an eleven year old to be able to laugh at these things as though they're a parlour game?

But I didn't break because, well, Reach was alive and Redlight couldn't kill me in the fucking SPACE NEEDLE so...yeah. I felt a little better.

I think I flirted with him at a point. To piss him off/play him at his own game. He actually did get me passionflowers and I did actually get him peanut brittle.

I'm ashamed to say that I'm sad he's not on our side. It would be nice to be allies on the side of...well....good. I think we'd be perfectly sarcastic to eachother.

But he offered me three choices by the time food came around.

Option A. I kill him. Right here, right now. He offered his chest to me and said that neither He nor he would not stop me from ending Redlight forever. Never to taunt another person again.

Option B. I get Cynthia back. I get to take her away from Slenderman and Redlight and everything like that. He waved a hand over Cynthia, indicating her.

Option C. I get Robert back. Redlight opens me up a doorway and I steal Robert away from the looney bin.

There followed what, if I'm honest, is one of the hardest decisions of my life. I wanted to ask an opinion but then he started counting down from ten and I started fretting so I did the first thing that came to mind.

I stabbed him through the hand with the knife I'd been cutting my steak with and nailed it to the table before grabbing Cynthia's hand and dragging her away. One of my dear friend Spender's lackeys leapt into the booth after I bolted, but I heard the sound of a Doorway opening. Redlight certainly fucked off quickly.

I bundled her into a cab the SECOND we got outside, I think I stole it from an old lady.

But I'm back in the Four Seasons. And now I've handcuffed Cynthia to the radiator and am sitting next to her to keep the REAL Cynthia company every time she breaks through. Because she is a biter and I am swiftly re-thinking my love for children.

Four Seasons, Seattle, Tony, Cathy. 1408.


I'm back.

Let's talk.

Catch you on the flip side, friends,



  1. ....Holy shit. Ok, this explains why you were gone so long. This opens up questions, and answers old ones. I do think you madethe right choice, Ava. If you had tried to go after Robert, then... Well, it probably would have turned out badly. I hope you and Reach can talk about everything needed.

    -Shelby, Therapist

  2. Is there only one Four Seasons in Seattle? I've never been, so I wouldn't know.

    Good to see you made it out ok. I hope Cynthia gets better.

  3. Good news twice in one day? I think this is a record.

    Well done Ava. Just magnificent. I know it's killing you to leave Robert there, but he said himself that getting Cynthia back to her mother was the top priority.

  4. I know you aren't particularly looking for validation, but I do think you did the right thing. I suppose it doesn't matter if you gave out your room number it knows exactly where you are. Hope you and Reach and Cathy keep safe.

    Good Luck

  5. I think you made the right decision. Robert seems like he's strong enough to pull through so I wouldn't worried about him. Saving a little girl, that's probably the best thing you could do right now. :]

  6. Hehe. Thanks guys. I'm on a high right now so I'll just go flounce off and guide you all to Reach for the time being.

    We'll get Robert. We'll get him in the end.

  7. You're *flouncing*? Oh, yay, that means... SHOOP DA WHOOP A DAY WHERE NO ONE HAS DIED AND PEOPLE ARE HAPPY! Woo!

    And yes, we will. Somehow.


  8. Awww, you didn't stab him with the peanut brittle...

  9. Well this is awesome I'm sure Cathy and Tony will both elated.

  10. Oh man...aha. Ahahaha. Is that both hands now?

    I'm sorry. That's not funny. No. Wait. It kinda is.

    Awesome job, Ava.

  11. Wow Ava. You must have looked insane. I do hope you're alright.

    Sad that you seemed to throw away your choice though.

  12. Fucking shit- I'll be there by tomorrow. Expect me by the afternoon at the latest. Hehe, good thing I was already heading in that direction. Just gotta catch a ride with someone out here.

    Shitshitshit be careful that bastard might pull something- she's okay, right? She's not hurt? Are you hurt?

  13. Well Tony, currently it's 4AM so.....good luck. Hope to see you by seven at the earliest I guess.

    Please, for the love of god, be careful.

  14. I probably looked like I had rabies.

    He wouldn't have let Cyn go, not really. I doubt he's even let her go now.

    And I'm not one for passing up the chance to hurt Redlight you know. It's really, REALLY fun.