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Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I've lived a WHOOOLLEEE 'nother month with that shit on my tail.

It feels like a fucking year.

Reach keeps trying to "Build Himself Up" against his hypersensitivity. It hurts him, I can tell. I'm not an idiot.

I don't like it, Reach. Please. Stop it now. You won't listen to my words, but for the love of god, man.


At least for today.

Or I WILL knock you out. ¬_¬

And no, Cameron is NOT going to be travelling with us. I've already gotten him a one-way ticket to Heathrow. We just have to get him over to the airstrip. Mum'll do the rest.

And yes, she's fine, but apparently our ENTIRE neighbourhood was hit by a black-out.


I don't like that either.

Or the fact that Cathy is out of a home.

Or the fact that Cyndia is still demented.

Or Ben.

Or the dickhead who did that to Ben.

Or anything....

Oh fuck you, Slendershit.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


  1. That you've survived this long--not to mention the advice you've provided--gives this newbie hope. I thank you for the inspiration, and wish you well on all of your endeavors.

  2. Hm. Now I want to see Slendy do some backflips.

    Remember, Ava. There's one of It. And...well, way more of us! And it's not like the Proxies have been a whole lot of trouble. I think. Not sure about that. I'm not doing so great a job keeping up with everybody. But at least they're easier to take care of than It. The night is darkest before the dawn, yeah? And if it's the middle of the night in a power blackout...Well. That seems pretty dark to me.

  3. . . .Well damn Frap that's. . .murky. Hehehe joke.

    Anyway, it sucks to hear how damn stressful this feels to you. I hope you two are okay, and I hope one day you invoke the back to back bad asses trope. . .

    Mainly if your okay.

    . . .

    But think about the trope.

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  5. We're doing this.

    Robert's building up a group.

    And I don't know about other people, but I'm fighting.

    La Resistance lives on.


  6. On the good side, at least we're still in touch with the girl. As far as I can tell, that's the closest to direct communication with Mr. Slender that we're likely to get. Might be a good source of info?
    And hang in there! I don't know any of you personally, but I'm cheering for you all.

  7. @Urobouros. Resident Evil 5? Do I call you Sheva or Albert?

    Business man with class, baby.

    Hehehehe. Thanks. I'm never sure as to whether or not I'm helping or hindering, but it's nice to know that I've helped at least one person.

    @Frappers. Oh dear god. XD

    Hehe,I suppose you're right, friend.

    @Yggy. HAA! I think there's hope for the trope in the future, considering the wave of Remnants and possible Slendershit fight we'll probably have to endure to get to the Quarry.

    Urgh. Either that or we die horribly.

    @Kaiju. Of course he is, he's Robert, that's what he does.

    Of course I am, I'm Avalesca, it's what I do.

    @Peter. Oh dear gods, another new person? I'm so sorry. So very sorry that you found this blog.

    Hehe. Thanks, I guess.

  8. Ha ha, Ouroboros actually. It's an alchemical symbol for rebirth. I hadn't even realized the Resident Evil connection! Wesker all the waaay~
    ('Laura' works too)