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Sunday, 6 February 2011


People are EVERYWHERE. Jesus Christ, they're camping out in the square and blocking the paths of tanks which they've graffitied.

Fortunately, I'm staying on the outskirts of Cairo, ironically nearer the pyramids than I'd thought. Capri pants and tee shirts, I decided to stay at a resort so that I could be assured of many others. There are actually quite a lot of Westerners still here, probably unwilling to leave after they've paid for their holiday. But they're hanging around the resort and not venturing into the city or the pyramids, the two areas of high people concentration.

I, unfortunately, do not have that luxury.

I got here at, well, Ten by my watch, but it's midnight over here.

I'm currently doing a whole phone barrage to several people, both back home and here. Trying to get the Director of Antiquities in London for Christies to take a seventeen-year-old girl seriously is bloody hard, even if she DID know my Father. It took me about half an hour's worth of passive-aggressive arguments to get her to give me the name of the guy that Dad used as his Overseeing Archaeologist.

Dr Carl McKenna.

I googled him and vaguely remember him. At least, his prominent teeth and lack of hair stick out in my nine-year-old memory. I've been attempting to get a hold of him, but unless I procure a Ouija Board, I'm not going to be able to do that

However, his son, Aaron, is alive and currently in Israel.


No. Ava. Deep breaths.

So, I'm going to try and get in contact with him and see if he can enlighten me as to where would be the best place for lesser-known gods and goddesses with their temples. At least I don't have to talk to him about Slenderman. I can talk to him about the Thief of Kuk. Therefore, endangering no-one. I hope.

I'm just going to mill around some of the resort's free services..... and shops. I didn't bring any Egypt-friendly clothing apart from the Capris. I brought Ireland-friendly clothing. Ie, things that are good for the fucking freezing.

Egypt is not fucking freezing.

I need a swimsuit, that pool may just be the only relaxation I'll be getting tonight.

He hasn't been around. Maybe he can't follow me here? Or maybe He has yet to get here. Or maybe he's here already, just hasn't shown himself?

Oh I hate Him. All this second-guessing is so.......tiring.

Ouroburos, I have yet to see Yugi/Yami/Atem or any of the Friendship Four. They can be wandering around all they like, Kaiba all the way, mate~

Catch you on the flip side, friends,



  1. Pshhh. Kaiba? The Kaiba who threatened to kill himself over a card game? That Kaiba? I thought you had better taste than that.

    What a shame. ;)

  2. xD When I was a fifth grader, I had a crush on Kaiba. Admittedly, it was mostly because of his Blue Eyes White Dragon. That card is BEWDiful.

    I've got my fingers crossed that this son of Dr. McKenna has useful information.

  3. Well, looks like your out of luck if you need any experts of children's card games, but other than that I hope you can contact this Aaron soon. Also, I'm more of a Marik girl myself. ;) Just can't resist that mid-drift. XD


  4. Ahahaha! Me and my brother got opposing starter decks when that came out. I snagged Kaiba for the Blue Eyes. Aw yeah. :3

  5. Careful, Ava. Egypt was one of His oldest seats in the same way Germany was His last and America is His today. Just because He no longer inhabits it does not mean it is safe from Him.