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Friday, 18 February 2011

Good Lord.

I fall asleep and the world explodes.

So Brave? You're going to be sheltering my Mother? Well...I hope you're not as incompetent as our mutual friend.

Said mutual friend? Thank you for the papers, at least now I can set up a bank account.

Mother and I had a rather....emotionally exhaustive talk last night after her post, but everything is okay now. She's at a church currently, going to travel in the morning. Brave, I will hurt you if anything happens to her.

Argh, now it's all over I've got so much adrenaline running through me and I'm all shaky and bleh I feel nauseous X_X I swear I've emo'ed all over the poor blog. Thank life for the backspace button, huh?

And so begins our stakeout in the morning, I guess.


  1. i dont believe in the backspace button.

    it should only be used to correct typos, and nothing more.

    also; id jump on the bandwagon of beating Brave down if anything happened to her.

    its your blog ava, emo all you want, and you will still get crazy people like myself who will read it.

  2. Good to hear that your mother is doing well. I couldn't really tell what was going on. People kept referring to Cynthia but I couldn't see anything. I'm guessing everything was alright in the end though?

    How are you three?

  3. Your Mom was nice. I was glad I could help her out.

  4. stakeout, huh? i know you guys have a plan, but i'm still biting my nails over here. so pleased about your mom though. seems like allies are everywhere nowadays. =)

  5. What happened, Cathy?

    Ava's mother got kidnapped. Cynthia was not happy at all. So...well, there's really no right way to say it.

    She sicced Him on the kidnappers. Slenderman walked right in that place and massacred them. I'm not sure if we should be rejoicing or even more worried.

  6. I'm glad things are finally starting to look for you, Ava. And again, thank you for bringing me help by alerting other bloggers. Hey, slim's staring in at me. Want me to pass anything along?