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Thursday, 17 February 2011


So she really was Mother.


The offer is kill my Mother or give over Zeke.

Fisk and Delta.

Two more people to add to my "Must Die" list.


  1. they're messing with things they don't understand. this is going to be fun. c:

  2. in my opinion, the first thing to do is to actually talk to Zeke. knowing him, he'll probably come up with something, just like Robert did before.

    keep faith, Ava. it's not over yet.

  3. FUCK. Goddamn it, two important people. ....Again, FUCK!

    -Shelby(Artist of Justice)
    Friend, Counselor, NAPPA

  4. Cyn. Go away.

    Hak. One step ahead of you. Already done.

    I have faith. I have Reach. I just have a lot more rage in me right now.

  5. awwww just trying to help, ava. i like you after all. maybe we could try and find them. i don't like them.

  6. You would actively help me?


    Who's we?

  7. give me a reason not to and maybe i won't.

    avaaaaa how many people do you think i know? i have an entire family~! c:

  8. Oh. /That/ we.

    Why don't you like him?

  9. My boss is her "Dad's" handler, haven't you seen his spiel on Strahm's old blog?

  10. hehehehe i love all my brothers and sisters. c:

    he's messing with my potential family. they won't ever be a part of us- He doesn't care for them either. they're stupid. so i guess it's because when outsiders mess with people i like, i get kinda upset. :c

  11. I, um, maybe we should give Zeke? No, that's a bad idea. Well, maybe not. At least that way everybody's alive...? No, bad, bad, bad, unacceptable, yes? But if Daisee died, that would be traumatizing, for all of us, really. This is bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad...I agree with everyone else now, why can't we just get the SMALLEST of breaks?

    At LEAST quit it with the hostages until we get Robert back, yeah? of wishes, Ava, thoughts of you and your mother, and also of Zeke and redlight and Robert and these Delta guys, but mostly you and Daisee. So. Um. Good luck. Sorry I can't say much that's encouraging.

  12. You people seem to think Strahm's Superman anyway. If he is, why not hand him over? I'm sure he'll have no problem shitkicking Epsilon Squad and that way you get your mom back.

    Who, by the way, remains hot even when trussed up and glaring daggers.

  13. WOAH WOAH WOAH WAIT UP. Cyn, do you actually /like/ me?!

    Delta. You've got balls coming round to post here, I'll admit that, but if you don't get off this page, I will fucking arserape you with a shovel.

    No-one is giving Zeke. No-one is killing Mother.

    Delta, before you fuck off, is there a deadline?

  14. of course. you're nice to me. and you're interesting and brother is with you. plus you're fun to talk to and watch.

    he's not much fun, is he? and he's kind of a dirty man. ewwwwwwww :c

  15. Thank you Cynthia.

    I will take you up on your offer.

    Do you think you could help me get /my/ Mummy back?

  16. Of course she's hot, fuckwad. She's my Mother.

    Even adoptively.

  17. i thought you'd never ask! i am pretty unhappy with being manhandled, so maybe i can have some fun with these guys. c:

    just promise to never kiss brother in front of me again. that was kinda gross. :c

  18. I hope you stay safe, Cyn. And thank you.

    Sure Cynthia. I kinda left out that harrowing detail from my blog post, but sure, just tell the whole world I distracted him that way before the knife....


  19. If you keep mouthing off, the deadline will shift from midnight tommorrow US Eastern time to midnight tonight US Eastern.

    It's all fun and games until someone forgets their manners.

  20. i think you should learn some manners too, delty. you're kinda rude and i bet you smell pretty bad too. :c ewwwwww

    hehehehe thank you ava. you shouldn't keep secrets from everyone!

  21. I never had manners. They're such uncool reflexes.

    Fuck off and die. Painfully. By my hands or Slendercles.

  22. In retrospect? Ten PM tonight, Eastern time. Tick tock.

  23. Oh god, are you really keeping this shit up?

    You are actually endearing yourself to me with your honest, bullheaded belief that this will just slip by unnoticed.

    Cyn, you have my full permission for anything to happen....Him-related, or not.

  24. The idea is that this doesn't go unnoticed. That's sort of the entire point of taking a hostage.

  25. I mean unnoticed by my slightly unhinged side sweetie. Or have you not gotten round to that part of my blog about what happened to the last guy to threaten my Mother?

  26. Delta, none of us even know where Zeke is. And Zeke would stone cold kill any of us without hesitation if we tried to take him in.

    You get what I'm saying?

    You want Zeke, you need to get something he thinks would be worth dying for.

  27. Given Zeke's propensity for being gone long periods of time, you're pretty much asking for a miracle, here. It's quite possible he won't even know about this until it's too late. And, besides. Getting to him in that time will be nearly impossible; that aside, we don't even know where to TAKE him.

    Being firm is one thing; being an asshole is another entirely. This isn't really even our choice; it's Zeke's. Don't tell us to make it for him.

    Give the man until he's SEEN your deal, at the very least.

  28. Um, ooh, bad. Ten EST is three hours from now. I thought there was some kind of unspoken rule that you get 24 hours. To save the world or negotiate for a hostage.

    Anyway, Ava, adoptively? I didn't know that.

    Well, good luck again, I suppose I'd better go now...time, after all, time is ticking, for sure.

  29. Guys. Don't worry.

    For once, I believe that He's on our side.

    At least, Cynthia likes Fisk and Delta as much as I do.

    And she's connected.

    And Delta's gone all radio silence on us now.

    -le sigh-

  30. no one commands Him. He is the ultimate. He is everything. but there are people who are fun and then people who ruin His fun. those people need to go bye-bye. hehehehehe i think they're scaaaared.

  31. Are they screaming, Cynthia?

    Please tell me they are screaming.

  32. hehehehehe yes they are. some of them are crying. it's kinda funny! :D

  33. How many, Cynthia? I very much doubt He would go himself for something like this.

    Then again, He has taken a liking to Ava, and I don't think He has much else to do right now.

    So, tell us...did he send Redlight and some friends? Or is it just Him, having a little tentacle fun?

  34. Thank you, Cynthia.

    I'm sure it's hilarious.

    Just whereabouts is the fun happening?

    What state?

  35. Brave, He hasn't taken a liking to me.

    I blew his arms apart.

    That's like...the complete opposite of what would make him like me.

    But I believe that Cyn is sort of....needed by His terms.

  36. @Ava:

    From the blogs, he's somewhere in MA like me. Probably out in Central or Western MA.

  37. why would He not wanna kill them? they're a nuisance and they're not needed for the games.

    one by one see how they run. ooooh that had to hurt. now he's in two pieces. and that one is missing a few guts.

  38. For this guy, I think wanting to drive you insane is as close to 'like' as we have in our tongue.

    I'm not saying he'll be baking you a cake on your birthday, or loaning you money. But I think, for now, it's safe to assume that he wants you to himself. There won't be any streetside muggings for you. If he doesn't do it himself, or one of his agents...I don't think he'll let it happen.

    Simple as that.

  39. Love you, Cynthia. <3

    Brave...You mean I can walk down an alley at night and only worry about an Eldritch Abomination?


  40. Slice, thanks.

    Anyone out there?

  41. Hey, I can't think of a better bodyguard. Can you?

    Yeah, he'll probably still kill you pretty horribly. But on HIS terms. And I think anyone who tries to do things on anyone else's terms will meet a pretty bad fate.

    Besides, we've got to take our jollies where we can get them. I'd say this is the closest we'll get to being able to say he's on our side. I suggest we keep this moment close.

  42. Well. If Cynthia is anything to go by, Daisee Delaney is alive.

    And not much else is.

  43. you're smart stormy. i like you too. c:

  44. I...thanks?

    You just like everyone, don't you? It doesn't really make me feel all that special.

    But thanks all the same. I guess I'll have to try and make sure you're not going to be turning into something from a poster on anorexia.

    Or obesity. Something tells me fast food is a staple for you guys.

  45. Dude. We're Runners and Fighters.

    Guess what we all do for exercise.

  46. Also, Cynthia...I don't suppose He would be nice enough to give Daisee back? I'm sure Ava would be very happy to know this won't be happening again. Then again, I think he'd take this chase to toss her away somewhere, too.

    Still, I think we all learned that it's not a good idea to try and make him fit any of our expectations. I just hope that He's feeling gracious today.

    If that concept even exists for him.

  47. Brave.

    Don't go there.

    No-one get's a say in the negotiations of My Mother and Zeke save for Me, My Mother and Zeke.

  48. Not YOU Ava. Redlight. Shale. All the others. THEY may not have much taste at all, but Cynthia probably still does.

    And I think money is in a lot more abundance than raw food and cooking utensils for them. Just a thought.