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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Egyptian chewing gum is odd.

They've got a hookah bar here too.

The pool actually has people in it, even at this time of the night.

There's a fucktonne of security.

I actually feel vaguely safe for the first time since The Labyrinth.


How's everyone going?


  1. Vivi and I are fine. Working. The lunch rush has just started. Two Face and Razor are here. They actually said hello to me when I went to take their orders. I said hello back, because two (or four, since there's two of them and two of us) can play at that game.


  2. Shit's been fantastic. No tubby middle-aged men who can pull themselves back together from axe strikes are chasin' me anymore.

    And the Boondocks is always great for unwinding after those sorts of days. Satire's the best form of comedy, especially these days when life seems all-too serious.

    Best wishes and regards,

  3. Ava, you psycho bitch.

    We finally get our computer fixed and find out you're in Egypt. Here we were scared as shit and you're chilling by the pool with Marik.

    Goddamn we're so glad you're okay.

    And yeah, it'll take awhile for The Labyrinth to stop mingling with reality in brief moments. It never really leaves your thoughts, and you can do fuck all about the physical injuries sustained in reality whilst trapped, but it'll fade away gradually, I promise.

    Just don't invoke a mummies curse, or I'll beat you over the head with Matt's prosthetic.


  4. pretty well. coulda sworn i sent commented on your post two posts ago. it never showed up...

    heres to hoping that this wont happen all the time...

    anyway. im just doing the usual. procrastinating on writing that ultra important post about the stupid stupid thing i did last night. you know, trying to talk to slendy.

    will probably try to type that out now

  5. Huh, Egypt sounds surprisingly nice. Color me jealous, kid.

    I'm doin' fine, I guess. Just kinda chasing a trail right now and trying to stay outta trouble. Though it looks like trouble is slowly closing in on me, hehe!

  6. Doing okay. Jeff finally sent me that cure, so things are going to get fun.

  7. Fine. Bored out of my mind, waiting for the late-christmas-presents-I-ordered-from-amazon (everyone gave me money, and it's taken me this long to spend it) to come in the mail.

    Egypt sounds wonderful. You might even - *gasp* - get to have some fun. Please do, kay? It would be good for you.

  8. I'm doing okay. We're on the move again. It's not easy trying to find a secure enough location with the resources to fortify against lanky man to hold up in.

  9. Not too bad. I'm not sure if you've read my latest entry yet, but Greene's notebooks are gone, probably burned. Nothing much else has happened; I've edited my TVtropes contributor's page, celebrated Reagan's b-day (I posted a status update on Facebook and started reading Reagan's Secret War), and enjoyed not watching the Superbowl.

    Also, you're in Egypt now? Cool, just be really careful; Slender ain't your only problem. But you know that already.

    Good luck; I hope you find what you're looking for.


  10. I am well, considering. Ran away from my dorm today after the incident with Delia. Also, someone or something has been calling my phone, and I can't block the number.

    I'll be updating later tonight, but it might be a while because the next post will be in comic form.

    What does Egyptian chewing gum taste like?

  11. Fighting is fun! The Fixer fabricates many fabrics and armors! Fear is nothing in this place! So we fight! We feel! We do not fall! All is well! So are you! Fantastic!

  12. I am not going to be able to use my right hand for a while

  13. Things are quite here. I haven't seen Ol' Slim Jim at all today, which, while boding well for me, might not for others. Also, if you are chilling with Marik, I am very jealous. ;)


  14. Jesus fucking Christ, people. What the hell? Slice, are you SERIOUS. MATT, WHUT THE FUCK.

    Urgh, you people.

    At least you're all alive and it seems fairly average on your end so that's good.

    (Y'know, average for....well, us.)

  15. Mornin/Evenin! I am.... decent as can be expected. Hope you are still alive!