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Friday, 11 February 2011


I left because there was a knock at my door. When I got there there was a postcard on my doorstep and no-one in sight. I need to procure a camera to show you, but it's from London....

And it's covered in Operator Symbols. "Wish You Were Here." Is scrawled on it too.

My first thought?

Wow, Operator Symbols...that's original.

Second thought?

Oh well fuck.

I contacted Mother, but she seems fine.

But Aaron showed up minutes afterwards with a book full of photos.

Every single one of his Dad and every single other one with a guy just chilling in the background with a suit on.

In the Cairo Deserts.

Urgh. I'm all over the place. Aaron, the Temple, which I still have to get my head around before telling you guys, AND GODFUCKINGDAMNIT TONY.

I'm actually breaking without the bastard around, he's the closest person I have after Reach. He CAN'T be dead.

And we haven't heard from Matthew either.

I know I need to fucking pull myself together, but it's so damn hard, I mean after losing Reach, I've just....lost my way too. And now Tony hasn't been around, and his last post was distressed and I just have moments where this all hits me and then I see posts like Alyx's which make me feel terrified.

I'm your new Hero?

Hell, mate, I'm not even sure of my own strength at the moment. I'm sitting in my hotel room, Aaron's asleep on the sofa and I'm trying not to cry as I remember how Reach used to take the sofa when we had to share a room and I'd deliberately try to outfox his super-hearing by creeping around.

I never fooled him, he'd just open his eyes, glare at me, ask me what the hell was I doing and then go back to sleep.

Oh god, now I'm crying again and I need to calm down and write the next entry.

The party in the streets due to Mubarak's resignation seems to be....keeping Him away though...but that Father thing is still there...

Hoso's new song's so uplifting and....just, it helps...

Catch you on the flip side, friends,



  1. None of us are super heroes. If we were I'm sure I would have a much better looking ass. All in all though, I think if I had to choose which I prefer Ava or super heroes, I'd still choose you.

    You got that woman? I choose you over having a perfect booty.


  2. ^
    Ok, that made me giggle.

    But seriously, you are a hero, even if you aren't THE Hero. I know you're my hero. Who else would've stood up to Slendy with electromagnetic gates?

  3. THE Hero may never come! He may be dead!

    But a Hero is just a man who knows he's free!

    and you are among those who have pushed the freedom to the limit!

    A hero, yes!

  4. Ava, we believe in you, but you've got to believe in us too. Tony will pull through whatever made him so distressed. He always does.

    If you need anything, drop me an e-mail.