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Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Yes I took Balth. Yes I took my Tazer. Yes, I took a nail bomb.

I really don't like this. Him not being around is more scary than him actually being around.

Back when I was a thirteen year old girl, I was stupid and off-the-rails. I was a little delinquent basically, I got arrested more than once, and I dated a guy about four years older than me while getting drunk every night yadda yadda.

I'm different now, he's not, basically.

Okay, he's a little more mellow and out of the gang, but that's probably cuz he followed in his Dad's footsteps and co-owns the shop.

After Reach told me what we'd be facing the first time, before I even left for Ireland, I made a mental note to get in contact with....let's call him "James."

I do actually have two favours I can call in from two different people I knew back then, two people I covered for when the cops came a callin'.

Basically, I hid weed plants for them, burnt a few vacant houses and tagged a few monuments to distract some police.

Yes it was stupid, but that's what I thought teenagers did when they were in foster homes, I'm obviously a more mature and sensible individual now and we actually parted on rather amicable terms.

But yeah, "James" and his Dad own a hunting shop in Toome and he agreed to drive down for me.

So I'm down £1500 (which is fine cuz it doesn't look like I'll be getting to Uni any time soon, so my Uni fund can go on this shit. Not to mention the fact that he gave me one fucker of a deal.) And up one pre-owned Aya and one pre-owned Aya Black Gold. Not to mention the tonne of Buckshots and earplugs he threw in for free. Even gave me a cartridge belt.

And a bottle of my favourite Mendis Coconut Brandy. 18 years old. Oak cask.

Man, I do not regret shagging him when I was younger.

For those of you not knowing what the hell I just said.

Aya is a brand of shotgun.

I can't do that katana shit some of you have, or any of those handguns, but Dad was an upper-class ponce and he hunted with shotguns and rifles. So Cameron and I know our ways around shotguns. And horse-riding, but that's another thing completely. I'm rusty, but buckshots have the largest spread possible. I don't condone hunting animals unless you need to eat them, not just 'want' to eat them.

I haven't seen a Proxy/Hallowed/Agent or Revenant though.......Nor did Balth.....

Yay for kitchen entrances, I would have hated to see the look on the receptionist's face.

And I don't doubt Reach is pissed, but I closed the joining door and he's not allowed in for the while.......

I don't want to die without taking a few fuckers down with me. And I really hope Reach knows how to shoot a shotgun.

I'm going to clean the guns now, I've never trusted second-hand without my own cleaning done.

Reach is right, the police seem to be really lax round here for some reason...I don't remember it being like this before.....

It's Open Season on Revenants and Slendergangs.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


  1. Ahem, well uh. . .okay! Um. I'm happy you got a great deal . . .

  2. i know i cant stop you. i know i would be an idiot for even trying...

    so... promise me one thing....

    you will live long enough so that i can personally end you.

    With love,

  3. I go to sleep for six hours and you go off on your own with a dangerous explosive to illegally buy weaponry from a young thug. That's not how you prove that I don't have to protect you, Ava.


    Well done, though. I can use a shotgun well enough. The equipment will come in handy for the plan I'm formulating, methinks.

  4. Ava...I...Damn.

    Just...make it count.

    Give them hell.


  5. You guys are going to clean up at the Quarry, no doubt.

  6. I know we've only been chatting via blog comments for about a week, but would it be horribly forward for me to send you a hug? If it isn't then-


    Be safe.

    (And if that was too forward just ignore the hug <_< pretend it never happened.)

  7. @Yggy. Hehehe, I have a feeling I just broke your brain. XDDD

    @OC, oh like hell you can end me, Bro XD

    @Reach. Hey! That thug gave me some really brilliant brandy....I'm surprised he remembered my able to drink any? I warn you, it's 80% proof.

    Hehehe. I told you I knew people.

    Molotov for later, darling?

    @Yggy again. I certainly hope so and that it isn't the other way round.

    @Kay. DERP. I'm a very huggy person. I miss being hugged. ¬_¬I can't hug Reach,he'd complain about pins and needles. ¬________¬


    And you.

  8. Gacck. Kaiju, didn't see ya there.

    I fully intend to, sweetie.

  9. First you tell me to ease into things, then you offer me brandy. Thanks for the offer but I'm stick to what I said, no more tolerance-building until Friday.

    As to the Molotov...set a few aside. I can see potential there.

  10. ....Damn, I just can't get you drunk at all can I? Not even tipsy....

    Well. I'm glad for the small mercies at least.

    But of course! Molotovs, shotguns.We now have a fighting chance! Oh,and we can make mace. I say 'we' it'll have to be me, since you can't handle the chillis but....mace!

    I'm enjoying this far too much......

  11. Hey, don't diss the "decorative" katana I keep around. It's all they'll let me keep in my dorm. You know, because it's "decorative."

    And it's not to hard to wield. It's not exactly a heavy sword. They're designed to be quick.