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Thursday, 10 February 2011


Apparently he is one of us too, a Slenderstalked.

First off, after posting last night, I went and grabbed my coat before catching one of the many buses around up to Aaron's Egyptian hotel. After all, if I dragged him back with me from Israel, he's staying in the same goddamn city as me.

It was about 10PM at that time and still rather light, so I was too perturbed, that stupid Father thing wasn't visibly there to me, but I swear I could feel it's cloying presence. Still, I had to go and push that shit to the side, because it wouldn't exactly be productive now, would it?

So after bolting from the bus to the Hotel doors (like I used to when I was little and turned the light off before going to sleep. I used to dive into bed so that I wasn't stabbed in the dark. Paranoid little kid...) I went over to reception and asked for Aaron McKenna's room number. They refused to give it to me due to security reasons, so I asked for the phone number of that room.

One phone call later and him (reluctantly) confirming that I was allowed up, I was in his rooms. Bastard's in the lap of fucking luxury but I let it slide for the moment.

And then I asked him about going out to the temple we'd discussed, tonight. He'd gotten edgy and we'd bickered back and forth for a while before he exploded with a "AND WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO YOU, AVA?! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?!"

"I can't tell you, Aaron."



"Oh, are you Lara fucking Croft now? Because I'm NOT going to be party to your shit."

"Look, Aaron. I can't tell you exactly what I'm looking for, but have you ever heard of a Temple for the God or Goddess of Kuk?"

The second I said that name, his tanned skin paled to a victim from a zombie movie.

Cue a massive whispering shout match about "Why did you react like that/Where did you learn that name?" hour later and we're both choking back tears and sitting on the floor opposite each other.

His Father, Carl, was killed for reasons unknown but by Slenderp, no doubt.

Shit I've got to go for a moment.


  1. Interesting. I may have to look into this Kuk thing. Although, I'm curious about how you came across that name. Feel like sharing, or is it something you want to keep under your hat for now?

  2. God, Ava. At least things are less(?) complicated now that you two can actually talk.

  3. Hm...You were paranoid as a kid? Looking back, do you think it's kind of a Strahm-style thing, or not? Just curious, you don't have to tell me if it's too personal or something. And good luck finding what you're looking for, and dealing with/helping Aaron.

    Echo, the Thief of Kuk is something that was first brought up in the SA thread that started all this. I'm not quite sure if it was a shop that became retroactively true due to the tulpa effect (technobabble ftw) or ligit, but you could probably google and find it.

  4. Look around the city of Akhenaten! this is my instinct on the matter!

    To Amanra!

  5. Thanks Aimee, I don't think I ever actually visited the original thread. Maybe I'll go do that at some point.

    I did a little poking around in my school's library, but didn't find anything that can't also be found on wikipedia. Tomorrow I'll be able to devote more time to research.

  6. This is an awfully long moment to be gone for Ava. Yell out and let us know you're ok please.

  7. Well, seems like your life is never boring, dear librarian.

  8. It never slows, huh? It's tiring....

    Nice to see you still alive, Thage.