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Monday, 24 January 2011

Yes, Slenderman. I can see you there, you're not exactly hiding you know,  you have teh brains of a slug, always hiding in the bushes. do you want some lettece? You should have known better than to think the daughter of aa computer tech couldn;t touch-type. I wonder if you are like a Carrionite humm> Maybe if I find your real name you;d expolde more than your arms. Do yui even have a real name, or are you as nameless as you are faceless? What will happen whenI try out Theory Four? Are you scared? do you feel emotion? even if you don't are you curious? I know i am. how do you feel without your proxy/hallowed/agent around? are you just going to recruit another? of course you are. I don't care. you've changed me. you killed a part of me, but you can't kill all of me and that's a promise. just keep your non-eyes on me you prick, of course mother is in the same house as me still, she hasn't gone to the shops with two of the doogs, nowway not at all so just keep staring you freak. do you read the newspapers? probably not, you;re illiterate, remember? the park burnt down and there was no body/ what did you do with it? eat it? move it/ burn it> i killed your trees and do you hate me for it? do you hate me in the first place to try this or do you hate yourself? if you are sustained by thought and you kill those that think of you are you suicidal? of course not, because then you'd let us kill you so you'r just a mirderer. i am too, but you did that and he doesnt count as a life. or maybe he did and i should hope for his soul oh hello your very close all of a sudden just how do you move that fast I know why you killed my cats you know. you did it because I  exploded your humanoid arms and i made you tentacly again you shouldn't be ashamed of your body image you know. yuo're already anorexic, don;t ad body dismorphis to that list. maybe you're a teenage girl. bad news for you, i've beaten up more than one teenage girl and your no different oh and now youre far away again, inspetinginspecting hector inspector that's a poem right? I read about it once i thik. Did you know I loved poetry when I was younger? I'm secretly a total romantic slendy you know, bring me flowers and I might let you in. Passionflowers though, if you give me roses I may have to strngle you with your tie because i hate roses. and I have to go to college today and walk home in the dark you're going to love that right because there's  no way i can get out of it so I'll just have to go into a superfulous college lesson with a harridan of a woman all because my attendace is low and i wonder who made that happen hmm so now i have to walk home in the dark in four hours oh lovely this should be thrilling shouldn't it i simply can't wait for our date het you wanna kill someone go kill james bardley he smashed a pole in my face when i was 12 and fractured my skull down the middle and good your still staring at me because mum is entering through the garden back door with the dogs and you havent seen her so ha fucking ha you loser. what's up with that suit anyway what is it? Primark? something cheap. you stole my earring to you kleptomaniac so lets list of what youve got. anorexia, body dismopfia, androphonimaniac, kleptomania, and som oher shit i can't be arsed to type so i'll keep writing and you'll keep staring and we'll do this alllllll afternoon until i have to leave and you'll follow me onhte bus and you''l follow em at college and you'll follow me back in the dark and i'll shock you with my next Theory because i've taken the best from Madluin  and M and cmobined them and i can't wait to see yur nonface and this new woman on CIS:NY a real mary-sue i mean come on all these guys are faling over for her I swear sid just gawped at her in awe i mean come on please and hhave you watch top gear recently because james has a wierd haircut but still find him hilarious. oh good mum's in the front room now ahahahahaha you really doon't like it when she yealls at you riht?


  1. You're rambling, Ava. Also, what you did was extremely reckless.

  2. I admire you. You actually have some balls. Trying to damage Slendy. I did try to once. My friend Johnny was murdered in the process.

    Good luck. Ava. -Liam.

  3. Watch it, Ava. You're starting to sound even crazier than usual. Stop staring the stupid thing down, will you? All it can do right now is stand outside and try to scare you (hopefully).

  4. Righteous rambling. Rum has been known to cause rambling. So has rage. Recklessness, maybe. Not raving, though, that's different. Respect. Recognized.

  5. @Thage, rambling for a reason, I assure you my mind is as sharp as ever and it wasn't Slendy induced, I just needed to stare at him, keep him bound in one area for long enough for Mum to get back safely.

    @Liam. I am so, so sorry for you. My heart goes out to you and I wish you all the strength possible. And I'm blushing as I type, thank you. It's odd to have someone admire me.

    @Tony, HEY! Was that a jab at me regular sanity?! Tshk. Lovely. I'm not trying to stare him down, I was just keeping him bound in one place. He can't really escape if you stare at him. No. Not scared. No longer. I refuse. I'll keep it inside.

    @Frap, Alliteration aside, I'm pretty sure I have no Rum....


    Ahhh, Depp.

    Stay alive, friend.