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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Whiny little...

Call me a brat one more time, Reach, one more. I swear to god.


The microfiches I was flicking through...Well, I'll show you the copies, but for those of you not in the car right now:

Slenderman Sightings.

The copies I printed out have our Slenderbender in the background, like some creepy extra. He's near two schools that burnt down (killing seven children in the first, four and two teachers in the second) and three other places (Care-Home, Residential Housing.) The earliest one (the first school) is in....1937 and was unsolved the others were around the 70's and were attributed to the IR - bloody - A.

He's in each front page photo. But you have to REALLY look, I had to boost the contrast on a few of the older ones. WOW REACH, SOME OF THESE ARE AS OLD AS YOU!!


He's there. And we had to break into that place for me to find the exact photos...

Yes, he's definitely there. But no sightings since the late 70's. Not even on the Irish blogosphere. Which leads me to wonder why?

What significant change was there in Ireland at the end of the 70's that has nothing to do with the IR - fucking - A?

I wonder if it's because Bosco took over the role of freaking the shit out of Irish children and Slendy felt un-needed.

And Reach, urgh, I can't say this out loud so I'll say it here.

I'm sorry for...

Look. I'm shit with this emotional crap half the time so, just...take the other Tazer from the glovebox. You said electricity could kill Revenants, right? Urgh, god, just I'm sorry. But don't disappear on me again, please? I may be home, but I haven't been here for six years... I was actually scared for a moment or two.

ANYWAY, so I signed up for fighting through a barrage of Revenants, Proxies and possibly ole Slenderbender himself to get at a thing in a quarry?

Fan - tucking - fastic.

Well, good job I brought shit, right?

Catch you guys on the flip side,

The Scientist


  1. It's fine. Your apology is accepted. It's not your fault that you weren't thinking; all you young'uns are the same.


  2. Oh dear, my grip on Balthazar's leash seems to be slackening....

    I'm a legal adult now, jerkarse. Need I remind you I came over because you needed help? I can't do that if you DON'T TELL ME THINGS.



  3. you know... this makes me wanna go through old photos... maybe some personal ones, just to see if he has been following me for a lot longer than i thought he was (you never know)

    Hope you two have fun! :D (and reach better take care of you or i will end him :D)

  4. Oh god. I hope that he hasn't.

    Don't worry, I have tricks up my sleeve XD

  5. Ava, I spoke to you for the first time a few days ago. I think I'm entitled to not tell you about stuff like that.

  6. Reach, I just travelled to another country to help you with your plans. I think I'm entitled to know what I've signed up for.

  7. You know what you've signed up for. I just didn't feel obliged to tell you that I went to see the graves of my fianceƩ and daughter. You made me obliged, so I told you.

    Now, stop acting like a spoiled child and talk to me offline. Seriously, the online talk is not necessary at all.

  8. Look, I'm antsy and worried and scared and in, for all intents and purposes, a whole different country, so yeah, I'll talk to you. But I think that we should maybe deal with the Proxies/Hallowed/Agents that I think I see over there, by the Tesco first, right?

  9. Reach, you're starting to be more human than some of the bloggers I read up on.

    I suppose that,s uh

    that's good work

  10. Be careful, Ava. You too, Reach. Try not to get killed, I've become quite fond of you both.

    I've been through the old family photos and have seen no sign of Slendy, although I only have the past 10 years. I might go over to my parents place to kidnap 1990-2000 and see if there's any sign of Where's-his-face.


  11. Hehe, I would look back at some old photos but I can't exactly go home. I bet it's in some of them- fucking scary shit right there.

    How are ya', by the way?

  12. Well fuck. Hope you can talk soon- be careful.

  13. Ava?!

    Ava, please be okay. Please...


  14. Attention fellow Keepers and members of the Isabel Initiative! A theory has been published on how to Kill the Slenderman; you can find it here: Good luck to us all.

    Also, dammit, that's what I was afraid of. Be very careful. Please be okay...

  15. Kick their asses Ava!

    Also, taser test? Well, the magnet whatsit test got your earring ripped out, so taser test may be best left to someone who doesn't have their ears pierced. :/