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Saturday, 29 January 2011


Debating whether or not to go back to The Dark Place.

Urgh. We both seem to be coming up with reasons for both sides of the argument.....

Gah. I need food. I'll go downstairs to the buffet and think about other things, like the fact that we're going to have to take a four hour drive at some point and some other things are just weighing on my mind.

You seen EverymanHYBRID's new thing? Candle Cove all over again. And they've been knocked out and bled.

Oh god I hate this thing. Jeff's family, Reach's daughter....Cyndia....Mum still hasn't phoned me back and the number is apparently unavailable, she hasn't even posted on the blog....

Bathazar still really doesn't like Reach, but he's not leaping for his neck ever time I turn away now at least. Reach's superhuman healing is one of the most interesting things I have ever witnessed, seriously, I may buy a notebook just to document it....

And I really, really want to know why HULK only went for me on that hill. I have my Theories....but I want to know.

Food first.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


  1. I think it's rather obvious why HULK went for you Ava. You electrocuted his boss's arms off! You have shown yourself to be not just a credible threat, but a pretty strong one at that.

  2. Well, that's probably part of it (and thank you XD) but I think it's more with the fact that Reach and I are travelling together. Basically, from Slendy's POV I think that having his Heel Face Turned Revenant working with the girl who blew his arms apart into tentacles once probably doesn't sit well.

    Which only makes me more pissed when we don't get the answers he needs to hide from us.

    But still, Reach has said that we can go to the Quarry at some point, so this /should/ be fun.


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  4. Urgh, sorry about doing another repost, my head is way too woozy to type well today.

    Good point on the team up. Just had another random thought actually. Since the Tulpa Effect hasn't been disproved yet, I wonder how much damage you and Reach being together is doing or can do? General theory is that all the hope Robert's blog generated was making us stronger. The team up of the Chaotic Good Mad Scientist and Heel Face Turned Revenant sounds like something out of an urban fantasy or graphic novel, but people reading are reading this and they are laughing and cheering. Sounds exactly like the kind of thing our skinny stalker wants to avoid.

  5. And I just realized that even after reposting I screwed up the comment. *facepalms* I think this is a sign that I should get my ass off the computer and go lay down some more.

  6. I apologise for the lack of much activity, it's been a busy day....


    That's a really weird feeling....

    Chaotic Good? XD

    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't buy that comic.

    ....Then again, I've always preferred Deadpool....

  7. BTW, I know that you are ridiculously busy at the moment, kicking supernatural ass and all that, but did you read my last post? Wanted to know if you saw my request?

  8. Ava, you're like a badass librarian variant of Deadpool. All you need to do now is find some way of breaking the fourth wall.
    Or maybe not. I'd be scared of what you would find.