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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Inky, a good friend of mine, has been Taken somewhere. He's in a Log Cabin in the back end of Auz surrounded by dense forests. I realise that this is a REAL FUCKING STRETCH, but do ANY OF YOU know where there may be discarded/abandoned/ectectect Log Cabins in dense forest on hills? In Auz? PLEASE. I can't lose another family member this week. I think I'd go insane.

I'm currently in a Motorway Services on the Msomethingorother getting a bite to eat and letting Balthazar stretch his legs. We've been driving for about three/three and a half hours.

Good News, I'm going to make it on time for my ferry.

Bad News, I'm nearly 93.7% sure that the three girls at the table opposite mine are Proxys/Hallowed/Agents, because as far as I know, the Operator Symbol has yet to hit the mainstream as a cool new logo.

I'll be in Liverpool to catch the Car Ferry by 6PM and the Ferry'll take me four/five hours to reach Dublin and  I'll get to my booked hotel hour after that? Wait it out til the next day...

All in all, should take me eight(ish) hours from now and I've got to go they're looking at me weirdly and Balthazar is getting growly with them.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


  1. Don't post any more of your movements on the blog. No locations, no time estimates.

    They can't track you if you don't leave a trail.

  2. Fully aware. Part of another Theory. Explain later.

  3. And by "Theory" I mean, "Bolt To The Car, Flee Down A Motorway, Get The Girls Caught By Police For Speeding."

    You're right though.

  4. Hehe, you just can't catch a break, can you Ava?

    I'd say try to not fight this time around since it's three versus one, but hey, maybe you'll pull something crazy again.

  5. Hell no. I can;t fight three people at once! I can barely fight!

    Naaaahhh, I just got them caught for speeding. They're with some police now. I'm just in traffic at the mo.....

  6. Hehe, well good for you for getting them caught by the police.

    The traffic is a bit anti-climactic, you gotta admit.

  7. All I could do to not smash my head repeatedly against the steering wheel. Bored as fuck right now.....still, got a signal.