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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thank you, Jeff, Cheska.

Urgh dear lord.

Staying awake all night to keep an eye on Serena, that’s her name you know, Serena Casta. And how did I find this out?

Her parents on the news, begging for the person who took their child to give her back unharmed, the Mother was bawling her eyes out and the Father was obviously putting on his stoicism. I could just tell what they were thinking had happened to her and it made me cringe horribly. I had to force-feed her some cough medicine so that she would sleep for eight straight hours without trying to gut us with her tiny fingernails or rip our throats out with her teeth. The lion face-paint really means something different while the wearer is snapping at your jugular. I had to cuff her hands to the bedpost so that she wouldn’t hurt us or herself.

And no, you don’t get to know why I have a pair of furry handcuffs.

And then there’s the brown box on my doorstep at 5:30AM post.

Jeffrey, Francesca (I hope I spelt your name right;) thank you.

I woke Mum up about an hour ago (and Tony, she’s really pissed at you) so that she could take over the watch, apparently while I opened the door to get the package he was at the window. Lovely. The most I can say after I deadbolted the door again and went back to my room (now some kind of Detainee Quarters) is that I’m lucky I have stoners as classmates. I know how to use a syringe and tourniquet.

Of course, I found out another thing about myself last night: I’m a victim of Bad Timing all over the shop.

Because that’s when the kid had to wake up and see me wiping down a section of her arm with the steriliser and with a syringe full of  a thick, red liquid in my other hand.

Screamed the fucking house down, well, tried to. Mum clamped a hand over her mouth before she could do too much to alert the neighbours but she obviously bit Mum’s hand when she did so.

After injecting all 10cc‘s of the liquid directly into a vein, she just writhed around like the girl in the Exorcist for a while before coughing violently. Mum and I had to un-cuff her an re-cuff her to the radiator so that she could be vertical and not choke. Mum bandaged Serena’s arm nicely (she’s really good at that. I suppose she’s just really good with her hands, dexterity is certainly not one of my strong points and I wouldn‘t be able to do all that fiddly work with motherboards and soldering.)

Serena’s reaction was similar to Kaylee’s back when Vivi and Chester had to inject her with the same liquid. After about an hour/hour and a half, she started coughing up black goo, almost tar-like in it’s consistency and horking it up onto my carpet so Mum had to go get a bucket for her to throw up into. It took her about six hours to stop hacking, which is good in a manner because she looked so fragile with all that heavy-smoker’s coughing.

I burnt the goo in the bathroom (good ventilation) but collected several samples. They’re in a few of the virgin plastic jars I keep around for *cough* jam-making */cough.* I can test it in the University College Lab today, or split it in two and send half of it to you, Jeff, Cheska? So far I’ve observed that it’s HIGHLY flammable, if the way it went up in flames is any indicator. And it’s contact with water seems to be unfavourable too, considering it seems to react in the manner of Sodium and Water. IE, explosion/flames/the-whole-shebang. I’m wondering if it can be used as a weapon? Bomb maybe? Could it hurt him? How did it get in Serena? Is that how he controls them? Is the goo like a parasite, sapping their energy? Their will? Or are the Proxies/Hallowed/Agents just playing unfortunate hosts to this goo that uses them as a puppet?

So many Theories, so little time…

She’s asleep against the radiator at the moment, I guess all that retching took it out of her so I’ll leave her for now. Mum’s with her and she’s better with ill children than I am.

Fed the dogs.

Cleaned up the guts from the back garden and the buried the corpses.

No sign of the freak.

I’m itching to test this substance today, so I’ll be leaving for college early and coming back late, don’t fret if I don’t reply super-fast. I’ll only take half with me for the moment, if Jeff and Cheska don’t want the other half, I’ll test that too, but I don‘t see the need for so much, that girl had a lot of it in her.

I just want to make a note of all the things I wore while burning/handling the goo so you don’t have any gaps in your current knowledge:

Mask - left over from the Swine-Flu outbreak.
Washing-Up gloves.
Goggles - I always knew that Chemistry set would come in handy some day.
Apron - obviously.

I suppose it’s good my hair’s so short now, I didn’t have to tie it back…

I’ll also mention that I’m now a member of the “Keeper’s Alliance” and “The Isabel Initiative”.  The Keeper’s Alliance is made of those of us who research/test Slendy AND have gone face-to-no-face with him, we figure shit out and pass the knowledge onto the rest of the Isabel Initiative, who wish to fight Slendy with well-researched methods.

I’ve even got a nice, shiny title to go with my nice, shiny name.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


  1. Interesting. First thing I thought when I read that it was extremely flammable was "Can it hurt the Man?" Looks like things have been going good lately. Good-ish. I'm a bit frightened that the light is brightest before the night, but. Glad for Serena. I think. This black-goo-puking stuff is good, right?

  2. Hmm, so am I, and the fact that after posting this, I checked all the blogs I follow and two of them have reported that there has been no sign of Slendy around their area for yesterday and today...

    Yes, it is...if I remember Vivi and Chester's notes, that's the 'essence' of Slendershitehawk.

    I need to test it though, so I'm leaving in five minutes.

  3. Good luck, Ms Crazy-Awesome-Little-Girl-Saving-Scientist. Flip Slendy a finger if you see him. For me. For everyone.

  4. It is pretty good that she's throwing it all up. According to Kaylee the process of the cure working is rather like having a really awful stomach bug and that this girl Serena may have problems talking (Kaylee had problems with first pronouns and then contractions) for a while. She's also going to be really, really hungry.


  5. That makes me wonder. The goo that I got from slender man was flame retardant, maybe this is a different substance, or maybe the process in which he infects people with it removes it's flame resistant qualities?

  6. @Frappers, HA! I'll see what I can do, let's hope he doesn't try and eat my hand or something...

    @Vivi, Can't thank you guys enough either! Your notes were the only thing keeping me from freaking out as to the goo. Thanks for that, I'll keep it in mind. I just feel so terrible for the little thing.

    @Will, Did you get it directly from him? Hmmm. Maybe an enzyme in the human body catalyses a compound in the goo to make it so chemically different.

    I'll post my findings once I finished all the tests. Take me about another two hours or so I think...

  7. Oh you nerds and your titles- good to know it makes you happy though, yeah?

    That's some weird shit right there. I've never heard of injecting someone with whatever liquid that was getting a person out of it's hold. Damn, some people have been taking big risks, haven't they? This sort of stuff is interesting, I guess, but at the same time it's kinda hard to trust a guy who sends you packages with syringes in it. I dunno, looks like they helped you so I guess they're the good guys...or somewhere close to good guys.

    Also, Daisee is angry with me? Such a new emotion that I've never seen before, hehe!

  8. Hmm, "Keeper's Alliance," huh? Congratulations. Personally, I'd prefer to stay out of that. I've done some research, and I'd love to do some experimentation, but I much prefer playing it safe.