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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Spending the day....

In a hotel all day.....

Balthazar is about as happy as I am, scrabbling at the door and woofing up at the windows....

Well, at least we're on a high floor....

Reach, we have to go to WestN tomorrow. Or today. I don't care, but we're going there ASAP. Whether yo like it or know why or not. You've whisked me off to places and not told me where in hell we're going until we're halfway there, I think I should get the chance to return the favour, even if it is just this once.


Chester's missing. Not good whatsoever. Cynthia's a malevolent being currently, working in full partnership with him. Thage's been attacked, but lived (even if there's now a problem with partial-blindness.) Tony is apparently Van Helsing. Jeff's getting better. Robert's perfectly coherent and as-sane-as-possible-under-the-circumstances, (but throwing up some really interesting Theories...) Zeke's alive, but hitting dead-ends.

Reach is still easing into eating normal foods....humorous consequences and not-so-humorous in some cases, we've left the joining door open to...well....yell at eachother or laugh derisively....or share Theories when we're actually being civil....

I must admit, with all the shit going on, I half expected the room to be like 1408 in Stephen King.....

I would not put it past him.

The Scientist


  1. You're never gonna let me live the vampire-phase down, are you?

    Damn, looks like a lot is going on. I don't even know half these people. I guess this is what it feels like to be a part of a full fledged war. And I don't understand that reference- never did like Stephen King's stuff. Hehe, more of a humor guy myself.

  2. Van Helsing isn't a bad person to be compared to. Especially when portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

    Ava, make sure you and Reach keep alert in case the Black King decides to place you Elsewhere/when.

  3. @Tony, of course not. I find it hilarious and admirable XDDD

    So much /IS/ going on. So much that I need to post a whole new blog-thing just BECAUSE of the things that are happening.

    Well, it's basically 'an evil fucking [hotel] room." It's basically hell. In a hotel room. And I would not put it past Slendershit to do that to us.

    @Thage, XD No, no he isn't, but I still find it hilarious XD Brilliant book though.....


    Oh that would be just our luck....wake up in the Elizabethan age.....

    We shall and are, thanks for the support, Thage.

  4. Thage- Hehe, I guess not. Van Helsing is pretty kick ass anyway.

    Ava- I'm sure it's very admirable. Imagine me running along roof tops in the dead of night, leather coat blowing in the wind and stake at the ready, hehe!

    That does sound like something it would do. Buuut hopefully that won't happen.