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Friday, 21 January 2011

Short Post, New Theory.

The Antithesis Theory.

If Slendy came into being (or in Robert's POV, came over from the Other Side) due to our thoughts, can we pull over something to fight him?

He could be small-fry compared to some of the things over there.

If he's a purely Thoughtform being, well, we do have other thoughts you know. A Hero? Like Zero's hope, but in the form of not placing the title on someone, but making someone/thing to fit the title?

I need to think of a way to test this.



  1. Someone suggested this. (Maybe K-OS or someone like him on M's Blog?)

    The problem is that enough people would need to believe in him for it to work.

    Thats where ideas like Broekchen's Santa theory come from.

  2. That's the problem. We may be a community, but trying to get us to agree on something is like herding cats.

    And about as productive too.

    I basically write every possible thought for a Theory down here the second I think of it so I don't forget.

  3. Unfortunately, I doubt there's a way to test this without, you know, actually attempting it.

    And in all honesty, I don't think it's quite as simple as making something up. It has to feel right, to capture the imagination. After all, the whole imagination-capturing thing is a big part of his existence. Just take another look at the original SA form: it started as "Let's make paranormal images" and eventually shifted almost completely to discussion of our dear faceless friend. For a weapon or some kind of opposing force to work, it would probably have to capture the imagination in the same way. So in a way, it's not really so much inventing something to work as it is finding something that will work.

    ...long comment is long. I'll shut up now.

  4. Mmm. We'd have to mobilise almost the entire internet to think about something.

    God, if only it was as easy as making up stories for a gossip column and having everyone believe it.

    Don't. Please. It's good to have people to bounce back and forth with. Brainstorming is only so useful with one person.

  5. Okay, brainstormin' time then.

    I think one of the main reasons Robert's knife didn't work, other than his (Hero) never showing up, was that no one believed it would work. I mean, I'm really just inferring this, because I got to White Elephants late and had to read cached copies of everything, so no comments, but judging from what I read on other blogs, everyone thought it was horribly far-fetched. So, my point is, if something's going to work against him, it's going to have to have the same kind of hold on a person's imagination as slendy himself did.

    I say we summon Santa.

    Yeah, I know, it sounds kind of cheesy. But think about it. Look at how much credence Broeckchen's theory has gained within the community. Watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Read up on Krampus. Think about how the idea of Santa Claus exists in almost every culture, and has stuck with humanity for centuries, kind of like Mr. Slender. There's definitely a connection there.

    The only real drawback to this is that no one really believes in Santa anymore. And there's not really a way to change that, not matter how many "Christmas is dying let's save it with belief!" movies are made for the season.

    And one has to admit that this whole thing coming to a tee in a battle between Slender Man and Santa Claus would be really, really epic.

  6. You have made one of the most compelling points I've heard so far, after all, Santa is already known in every corner of the world, I'm sure far more people know of him that Slendy.

    But the whole belief element does scupper that, doesn't it?

    I'm certainly intruied by the idea of a Monomyth that can take on Slendy, lots of cultures share the same basic myths. The Great Flood. Every culture has one of those. As do they also have a Great Fire.

    And yes. Yes it would be.

  7. Speaking of the Great Flood, what do you think of Slendy's connection to Deluge myths? There are certainly plenty of analogies made, mainly in the vlogs, but they're so contradictory that it's near impossible to come up with decent conclusion.

    Hmm...maybe, if disbelief is why Santa wouldn't work, we could use disbelief against Slendy? I mean, it's certainly not very helpful for people in your situation (and I'm sorry for that), but it could work as a preventative measure in the future. If belief fuels him, and we can find a way to make knowledge of him and the "fact" that he's "fictional" widespread, it might get rid of him.

  8. I think there's certainly something more to be researched there, especially considering CANYOUSEETHEWORDS and her crossing out of floods/water/rain.

    For those of us in my situation, I may try that next time I see him. I kind of went into this with utter scepticism though and still gained a stalker of my very own.

    A preventative measure? I think there certainly has to be one and lack-of-knowledge seems to work the best so far, as for a distinction between 'fiction' and 'reality' well, the lines are blurred once you get people claiming this to be some kind of...ARG, right?

  9. Yup, that's right. And it doesn't help that ARGs basically exist to screw with people's perception of reality (there was one a couple years back where the GM's confession that he wouldn't be continuing his game wound up being part of the game). And even if people know for a fact that an ARG is "fiction", they tend to keep quiet about it for the sake of immersion. Which isn't very helpful here.'re going to try to deny his existence while he's standing there? Good luck. And that's not a sarcastic "good luck," it's a sincere one.

  10. I hate those people, "Sake of immersion," fuck them, it's real.

    I have yet to try it, but the next time I see him...I actually have hopes for that Theory, it may work to confuse? Who knows.

  11. White Elephants is now being updated, if you didn't know. A notice from Robert says that the titles are to be discarded.

  12. You know what? I like the summoning Santa thing. Fat Man Vs. Slender Man! Round one! Fight! In fact, why stop at Santa? Let's get the whole holiday pantheon on this shit. Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, The Great fucking Pumpkin. Let's do this shit!

    Santa could so take Slendy, and I for once refuse to believe Santa isn't real.