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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Several Things:

1) You know you're British when you choose "English - UK" over "English - American."

2) We are the only country to use "glass" as a verb.

3) The alleyway beside my bedroom window now has some plumber guy working in it due to the people upstairs being retarded and putting water in the washing machine. Do not ask. I seriously do not know. Still, is incessant banging, crashing, drilling, tapping and eventually guttering-falling-on-his-head-with-a-loud-clattering, has shut him up.

I wish we could move out, after the people upstairs moved out to be replaced by this new family we've had nothing but trouble. The maisonette we live in is far to big for two people really, it's the whole ground floor of a period house. I think Mother just keeps us living here because it reminds her of when Cameron and Father were around.

Hnnn. Too personal for an internet blog, but then again, none of you know me so cest la vie.

I should probably note that this blog started because I was bored and have been told many times before that I lack the commitment ot keep a diary. I may bitch out computers for steadily putting me out of my beloved work, but fuck-damnit are they practical.

And I'm kind of a pedantic, pragmatic bitch.


1 comment:

  1. we Americans use 'glass' as a verb too.

    such as 'We should just glass *country X* and build a parking lot'