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Monday, 24 January 2011

Right. Something far more important.

Before you think I'm some kind of sociopath for not mentioning this BEFORE the last post, I'd hasten to add that Mum got her hands on some kind of Mood-Stabilisers and I'm not sure if it was the legal way. So I'm kinda neutral about everything right now.

Didn't stop me from jumping out of my fucking skin when Slendy was right behind me.

On my way home, after getting off the bus, obviously, I had to walk past the wasteland that I saw him on first...urgh, suppressing a shudder of revulsion.

He was there, of course, why wouldn't he be? It's night-time and I'm walking down a street, alone. But I just kept walking (briskly I might add, apparently running makes him chase you? I read that somewhere) and glancing over my shoulder once or twice when he was just suddenly there behind me. So close, so close he could have touched my hair with his new arms (or y'know, killed me) and I yelped. I believe my exact words were "Bloody-Buggering-Bastard-Hell-Fuck" or something to that effect. And he just stood there. Not doing anything, I swear, he could have been a doll or a shop window mannequin for all his activity in that moment, I'd frozen too, because the "What to do if a Bear attacks you" was in my head, but I was only listening to the whole "NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS" part of my brain that was screeching at me to not freak him out, like he's a spooked horse or something.

And I started humming quietly to myself and getting a grip on my house keys (or more accurately, making them so I could possibly stab him maybe? I wasn't exactly thinking straight) and his head did that 90 degree cock to the left that's nauseating and fucking scary at the same time before I remembered that this was exactly what I had planned on doing sometime and exactly what I was so fucking scared of testing before.

So I pulled a Madluin.

And it was stupid and reckless but you guys should really know by now that for all my book-smarts, I'm actually really really stupid.

I stuck an Operator Symbol on his face.

Well, I say face I mean lower-chin because I'm only so tall and he's a motherfucking giant.

I made this tiny sheet of sticky Operator Symbols the day after contacting M to ask him what effects he had observed coming from Slendy after putting up an Operator Symbol. I researched the cache of Robert's work on luring Slendy into an Operator Symbol of his own blood (which quite frankly, is the insanest thing I've ever heard and is actually retardedly awesome) and after Thage told me to contact Maduin I researched his blog and found out that if you discarded every single survival instinct out there and stuck a human-face mask on Slendy's face, he starts going on some kind of existential fritz (again, Maduin, fucking crazy awesome retarded brilliance right there) and jangled my keys so that I could get one out from my pocket before lunging and then fucking fleeing back about two meters.

I can only report findings similar to Maduin's, possibly less potent due to the fact that he's already familiar with Operator Symbols and not with crazy awesome retarded guys shoving face-masks onto him (existential fritz, losing shape and form slightly, like a flickering lightbulb really) but if Slendy does have full sentient thought, I really don't think he was expecting that.

Hell, I fucking wasn't expecting that.

But I bolted anyway, not caring because I was only a few centimetres from my house and literally fell through the door before deadbolting it again.

I didn't throw up though, which was good I suppose. My body's getting used to my fuckwit tendencies.

I should probably note that Theory Four but there's something worse and far more important that both Mum and I feel is just too much.

We got another Proxy/Hallowed/Agent today.

But she's just a little kid.

She's, like, ten years old and she's got her face painted like a lion, Mum thinks he could have taken her from the Circus/Carnival down at Figges Marsh and that's why she's got her face painted.

We can't do anything to her, that bastard knows. He knows that had she been older, Mum and I wouldn't have even had a second thought but she's tiny I swear to god. She's just as tall as my hips and she this little blonde thing with her hair in pigtails and apparently when Mum saw her on our doorstep while I was at college, the kid had candyfloss on a cane.

Her parents must be fucking bouncing off walls.

But when Mum answered the door, the girl said about how she was going to feed her hungry friend and pointed to Slendershit down the road before the girl tried to stab Mum.

Let your mind wrap round that, because mine can't.


Of course, she's tiny and Mum apparently got the knife of her really easily, but still...

And that's why we have a small blonde child locked in my room, knocked out with the same dilute I used on Mum last night. (Mum took it off me for unvocalised reasons O///O)

She's TEN.

The thing knows no bounds.

Does anyone know how to Un-Proxy/Hallow/Agent someone? At all? Because we aren't killing a kid and we aren't leaving her for him and we can't give her pack to her parents, even if we knew who they were.



  1. Hmmm, here's to hoping you didn't piss it off to the point where it sends more than one minion after you.

    As for the little girl...I haven't found anything. Sucks to say, but then again I never experimented to see if I could change someone back. Most I ever got to was pleading for an old buddy of mine to snap outta it. He didn't.

    Keep her locked up though, maybe she'll come to her senses. But you do realize if she doesn't you can't just give her back to it, right? And you can't keep her in there forever.

  2. I don't even know whether to care if he does or not anymore, y'know? And neither does Mum, not after seeing a kid at least.


    We may end up keeping her there for quite a while, it's a terrible Catch 22.

    Can't save her, can't give her back to her parents, certainly won't hand her over to him.

    URGH, when did our lives go beyond the hardest decision being how you were going to pay the bills or shit like that?!

  3. I think I have something to answer your little problem, Ava.

    Suffice to say, it's nice to finally make acquaintance with the highly regarded London Librarian.

    My name is Jeff, the self appointed Keeper of Knowledge on Slender Man, the runners, fighters, bloggers, and former Revenant.

    I'd like to speak to you on a certain manner regarding your task as the Librarian and knowledge of Slender Man.

    However, as a token of good faith,
    I'll send you a way to cure the little girl. If you accept my offer, you can learn to procure and mass produce this method yourself.

    I await your reply with open arms.

    The Keeper

  4. Yup, it is quite a predicament you've got there. Maybe she'll snap outta it. After all, times seemed to have changed since I started out. Maybe you can convince her it's the bogeyman or some imaginary friend. Make her think it's not real and that she has a real life to go back to.

    Maybe when you decided to mess with things you shouldn't of? Heh, just a wild swing in the dark though.

  5. Woah, okay, you're a librarian now, Ava. Isn't that just perfect, hehe!

  6. @Jeff. I know who you are, Jeff, you and Cheska. It's hard not to like you guys.

    THE FUCK. "Highly Regarded?!"

    Who's been saying shit? WHY HAVE THEY BEE--no. You know what, it's best if I don't know, I'll just throw up again.

    Jeffrey,I am wary of you, as wary as I am of anyone, so no offence, but there is no way on Earth I would say no. That's my whole point of being now, to find out this shit.

    How do you plan on getting in contact?

    I accept both terms, on sharing knowledge and the 'cure' for the girl.


    It was a rhetorical question >>

  7. I have a title in "Librarian" WHUT.

    We better not be going back to all that (Sage) business, I don't think it'd work a second time round...

  8. Hehe, getting a little annoyed oh Great Librarian?

    What the hell is the (Sage) business?




    Robert's idea. The ole, Rank and Title system. The Three Sages were those of us Slenderstalked that were qualified to try out suicidal tests on what would work against Slendy.

    Protection against him, Cure for his influence, Killing him. Those were the three tasks.

    They were also VERY morally grey, but shit worked.

  10. Just a manner of my own opinion, dear.

    I find you engaged in a manner befitting a highly regarded researcher, such as I myself operate.

    And you being wary of me is highly logical, as Cheska and I have been nothing but a blight upon the Hallowed and Slender Man. We are indeed a danger to ourselves.

    But, I ask you to subscribe to my blog, and I will give your further instructions there. My personal email will be available from there as well.

    But the reason I contacted you was because of who you are and what you do. I am positive you are aware of the Isabel Initiative?

    If so, I wish to start an alliance of our fellow researchers to plan a way to fight our mutual enemy, and pass that knowledge onto the members of the Initiative.

    That will be in a post later today.
    And the minute you do, a package will be sent to your address within the next 24 hours.

    Do not ask how, why, or destroy the brown paper wrapped box. Within it are the following contents:

    1. Vial of Red Viscous Liquid
    2. A syringe
    3. Sterilizing Wipes
    4. A bandage and a lollipop.

    The first item is the cure.
    Invented by Robert, tested by Zero.

    The other items are to ensure the absolute safety and comfort of the girl.

    I entrust these to you with great pride, Ava.

    And I hope you would read my post the minute I post it.

    The Keeper

  11. Oh wow, I had no idea me breathing was such a problem. No, no, don't trouble yourself. Lemme just go to some minions and get them to fix that for you.

    Huh, never knew someone would be able to organize the chaos. Guess that's a good thing. Heh, suicidal tests. Everyone goes through a suicidal test phase if they wanna figure out how to escape it. And who has black and white morals when they're in shit this deep? Not many people.

    Those contents...sounds kinda fishy. But good luck with this package stuff, Ava.

  12. @Jeff. I have been attempting to find your blog, but your profile is private and I can't find it, would you be so kind as to send me a link?

    Thank you, I guess. If I can't reach my goal of curing Cancer with several PhD's, I'll take whatever the fuck I can lend my mind to.

    Yes, I am full aware. I follow Exilis Veritas and fully subscribe to the movement.

    Huh, two of my distance-mentors.

    Fine. I welcome this with open arms and fully subscribe to the Initiative.

    I take it with great respect.

    And Mother is on board too, the gap in between my reply was due to asking her if she wanted to join also.

    I'll do it. Thank you.

    @Tony, oh ahr har har.

    Oh yes, it's happened many times, think of this entire Slenderstalked family like The Watchmen movie. Fair point about the morals.

    I remember the fluid that Robert researched and Zero tested actually, now that I look back over my notes.

  13. Didn't that stuff nearly kill Zero, and fail in the long term?

  14. I am loathe to sound heartless. But I'd rather she regains sanity for long enough to go back to her parents, wherever they may be.

    We'll hold off on giving it to her until we find out who her parents are, then administer it and drop her off at the police station.

    She deserves life for long enough and fuck if we can keep her here or hand her over to the Slendershit.


    I'm sorry about the inconvenience, Ava. I prefer to keep myself private in the matters of my identity.

    It'd be very easy for Slendy to find me if I posted such crucial information somewhere.

    However, the email will be available shortly.

    Thank you for joining the Keeper Alliance.

    Have a nice day.

    The Keeper

  16. It's perfectly fine, considering the other /inconveniences/ we have to all deal with on a daily basis, hmm?

    Of course, I'd expect no less, I'm only careless with mine because of apathy towards death on both mine and my Mother's part.

    Danke schon, Herr Jeff.

  17. And sweetie, it's night-time here. Hence the fucker with no-face just chilling in my back garden.

    You know, it really pisses him off when you close the curtains on him.

  18. A red viscous fluid? ...Well, considering the pseudo-family we have - blood is thicker than water. Looking forward to results, yeah?

  19. Hehehehe, I suppose it is, Frappers.

    Need to receive the parcel first, my guess is it'll arrive tomorrow. We should have more precautions in place by then anyway.

  20. im just gonna straight up say it: you're crazy.

    not as crazy as me, but crazy enough (im not saying why i say that)

    if i saw someone do that to slendy, i would probably laugh my ass off and then punch them in the face (except you are a girl, so i have some reservations about that second part)

    about that girl though...

    ...well lets just say that the fact that Slendy is using children makes me want to test out /MY/ suicidal experiment sooner.

    unfortunately i have not the correct instrument for performing the deed yet.

    oh you remember that runner i mentioned? he is following me now. dont think he is a proxy though. or at least i hope.

    anyway... stay sane, stay alive.


    Of course I'm crazy OC, that's kinda my job now.

    Go check out Maduin's blog. He stuck a human mask on Slendy's face.

  22. Oh god no, what?!


  23. careful is my middle name.

    and trust me, if i had the money i would fly over there right now and join you guys. seems like it would do me a lot more good to be around someone actually doing something than running till my ass falls off.

    oh i recall you told me "no White Knighting"

    i would like to have some clarification as to why i shouldnt.

  24. Good. Don't you dare die.

    I hate being Damsel in Distress and refuse to ever be one. Hence the fact that I make sure I can take care of myself.

    The sentiment is certainly appreciated though, I just dislike others standing up for me.

    Much the same reason I hate blatent compliments too.

    Bleh. I'm horrible socially.

  25. well then, lets look at it like this:

    i got to him first.

    that makes it so that you werent in distress and i wasnt trying to save you, just fixing a problem where i saw one.

  26. Hnnn.

    Just don't do it again, okay hun? Please?

  27. fine fine fine. i will try to restrain my "fix it" nature.

    and that "hun" kind makes me feel like im being talked down to. i dont like that. makes me feel... bleh...

  28. Good.

    Eep, sorry. I'll stop that. X_x No offence meant, I just call everyone "sweetie", "hun", "love", "Darling." XD

  29. its just the word "hun" i dont like. every time i hear it i just cringe a little, and the way i read it makes it worse.

  30. XD Begs the question, how are you reading it?! XDDD

  31. like you are some kind of old lady who hasnt yet realized that the 50's have been LONG gone and every single time i picture it in my brain, its always this hideously wrinkled woman who breathes smoke in my face when she talks.

    makes me shudder.

  32. FFFFFFFFFF -dying of laughter here-

    Hookay, so "hun'" out the window XD

  33. yeah pretty much. just stick to NOOC or something like that and we will be all good.

    unless we come up with a good enough name for me, oh Miss "The Scientist" :D

  34. Personally, I wouldn't trust the Operator Symbol. Some people think it repels him, but there are just as many people who think it means trouble. Please, next time, try not to stick something that might actually make him more powerful to his face.


  35. Huh.
    Excuse my musings for a minute, I'm a bit sugar high.
    As far as my blog traversing has taken me, every time he has been touched (be it mask, sticky operator symbols, etc.) his form seems to shift. Varying degrees, of course. Because shit, we're dealing with a malevolent black lagoon creature from the depths of teh intarwebz (or possibly Germany, your choice), he doesn't have to make sense.
    My it simply something touching/interrupting his 'mojo', or was it the actual objects? Has anybody actually touched him? And...well...remembered it?
    Of course, I could be forgetting something major and just rambling on. In no way shape or form am I up to date on most of the blogs. But I thought it sounded brilliant at the time.
    Ahg, text wall.

    Before I forget. Coming from a first time poster here, you are either batshit, or the most awesome person I have ever had the pleasure to read about. Stay safe.

  36. @Andy, I apologise if it made you uneasy, but I needed to test it to see, I wouldn't have the information to strike it off the list if I hadn't....

    I think...I think a few people have...I can't remember either (but that could just be the fact that it's 6AM over here right now and I've yet to have my morning coffee....)

    Oh, I'm batshit insane.

    And you, Luck.