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Friday, 21 January 2011


Before sleeping, and if any of you read Scott's main blog and the comments you'll see what I mean, I threw a chalkboard (with attached chalk) outside. By which I mean, I opened the door a really tiny bit and flung it haphazardly into the front garden before bolting the deadbolts.

So yeah, I decided to test what works for communication over in America with Sandra, Lya and Matt in H(a)unted.

I then threw up in the bathroom because I'm not exactly brave nor fearless and I could have been killed on my own doorstep just then.

Then it was a few hours of contemplation because another thing I've read he does is keep you on edge with nightmares. So I put my low-lights on in the study and brought my CD Player in. I have the complete Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy on CD, it's humorous and easily played at a volume loud enough to drown out my mind. So I fell asleep in a sort of nest of pillows, a quilt, a CD Player, low-lights and a dog who's taken to standing sentry at whatever room I'm in. Balthazar knows, I know he does, that's why he curls up directly next to me now.

God, I love that dog.

I slept through my alarm though, and as such have missed College, Mum‘s as pissed as hell with me, I haven‘t attended for about three weeks due to other Non-Slendy things. I’ve yet to tell her. I want her on side and armed with knowledge, but in much the same way that just Running away feels like betraying her, so does infecting her. But then again, he’s after me, so I’ve already selfishly infected her. Well, this is no time for holding back valuable information from her just because, so I’ll tell her today. Later on though, I'm beginning writing as I've just woken up actually. I have yet to look out of the window and check on the chalkboard so I'll just go do that.

Hmmkay, it's about ten minutes since my last sentence, I had to pluck up the courage to pull back the curtains so I whacked up the radio to drown out my hysteria and did it quickly.

I was right when talking to Thage, it's just a splintered mess on my lawn, something that wouldn't have happened when I threw it.

A very short-lived hypothesis. But the chalk isn’t among the splinters, so who knows? I think I’d have a heart attack if I saw blue-chalk writing everywhere now. Hnn, I can‘t see him around either. I think I’m glad I live in Central London. Trees are a no-show round here.

I’ll try out my Church Theory today, I hope. I’m nervous as hell still. I’ll take Balthazar too, even if that will skew the outcome possibly.

In other blog news, things don’t seem to be looking very good for many of my friends: Exelis Veritas are being attacked by Proxies/Hallowed/Agents, whatever the ‘in’ buzzword is. Will, over at Paranormal Log is having his account hacked, which while terrible, is a darn sight better than being Proxied/Hallowed/Agented, which is what we thought when he stared posting in Binary, Base-64 and Hex. Jack at Scared is pissing me off so bad I’ve threatened to claw his heart out of his chest and beat him to death with the spine he doesn’t seem to be using. In short, Stephanie (his girlfriend) has gone missing and to be frank, he’s giving up. If I was in America, I’d have punched him by now. My main influence towards researching, Robert over at White Elephants, while he may no longer be part of our fight, Redlight appears to have come back. Taunting us with some of Robert’s last work before he came for him. Prick.

A new friend of mine, Jekyll over at Now I Shall Know You has found a good way in which to keep track of your sanity when being followed, a notebook. And not in the way you keep a blog. An hourly journal, he uses the example of 5:00PM - 6:00PM - At the computer. Ectectect. I personally think this is a brilliant idea, not only can you keep track of if you are being Moved/Hallowed/Proxied/Agented, you can also keep track of whether or not you’re losing it. Another trait of being followed is drawing without knowledge, is it not?

Hnn. I’ve yet to reach that stage. Then again, it’s only been a day or so in which I’ve attracted his attention.

Either way, I’d recommend his blog. He and I seem to have the same idea of Keeping Calm and Screwing The Rules. Though, he seems to be better at the whole ‘Keeping Calm’ thing than me. I haven’t seen any evidence of him throwing his guts up with nervousness yet!

I’ve contacted Maduin the Jester as per Thage’s request, I’m waiting on a reply.

Hime; I’ve been petrified of Open Doors for as long as I can remember. It’s a recognised phobia; Entamophobia. NOT Entemophobia, that’s fear of bugs. And I know he can get past closed doors too. I don’t like the fact he can teleport inside, it’s an invasion of everything a home stands for. I’ve been trying to think as to what my reaction will be when he inevitably ‘get’s all up in my grill.’ I’m not a screamer, I’d probably just whimper while staring bug-eyed.

In response to the feelings that I can tell are coming from some of you reading:

My entries are long, I have to detail everything.

This ‘didn’t start out as a Slenderblog,’ isn’t the case. It may seem that way with the first bulk of posts being so arbitrary, but that’s because they are the first entries of my diary before I started trying to attract him, I couldn’t change one of the only non-variables in my test. Now he’s actually following me, there are no more non-variables. I changed a few of the nouns and pronouns though, it would have been odd had I written to a diary than my newly-acquired audience.


  • Chalkboard I threw outside last night is a splintered mess as predicted, though minus the blue-chalk. Chalkboard Theory. Though a new Side-Theory in the form of the Chalk has come forth with it‘s lack of appearance. Chalk Theory?
  • Loud comedy CD’s, large and cautious dog, lights-on means a nightmare-less sleep for me. Sleep Distraction Theory - Needs more testing. Any volunteers?
  • I’m going to enlist my Mother today.
  • I’m going to test Church Theory today, however I’m going to have Balthazar with me, so factor in a Dog Variable.
  • Friends at other blogs are dropping left-right and centre.
  • Another friend has come up with a brilliant idea that I intend to follow and urge you all to do the same. Keep an hourly notebook to measure any possible Time-Loss. I started at 11:00AM - 12:00PM - Woke Up.
  • Contacted Maduin the Jester at Thage’s request. Awaiting reply.

I’ll check back after the Test.



  1. Heh...I'll admit that I'm not always calm. You'll see what I mean when I post next. First time I encountered him, I more or less was "throwing my guts up with nervousness," quite literally (well, minus the guts part). But staying calm helps. It helps a lot.

  2. Oh hello there!

    Hnnn. I'm still nauseous, even with knowledge of his habits.