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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Oh for the love of crap.

Once more, every student in our Union is off on another walkout. Okay, sure, I can totally see where they're coming from, BUT.

The last three times we did this this year, it hasn't ended well.

TIME ONE: We stormed the Conservative HQ in Central London, smashed all the windows, beat up the riot police and some idiot threw a fire extinguisher off the roof of the building.

TIME TWO: Same as last time, but in Trafalgar Square, at night and this time had Molotov Cocktails and petrol bombs along with two members of the Royal Family getting poked with a stick.

TIME THREE: Exactly the same as TIME TWO, but minus the Royals.

Oh yeah, we're sooooo going to be taken seriously with you acting like aggressive pricks. And the thing is, that isn't a majority of people, it's a few really. A vocal minority. But the vulture media seems to LOVE the idea of the "Yoof of Today" being unruly, bloodthirsty stabby, shooty, blowy-uppy-the-Royal-Family things.



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