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Friday, 21 January 2011


He isn't around.

I'm not complaining, but it's odd. He doesn't usually show up and then bugger off again from other bloggers experience.

I'm on edge then.

Mum's been reading up on him since this afternoon and since it's already dark she's keeping all the lights and radios on while Balthazar almost patrols our home.

I love my Mother and my dog.



  1. Maybe he's gotten bored with your not panicking and going crazy? Highly doubtful, but it's a thought.

    Or maybe he's just off doing other things. I mean, it's not like he watches everyone he starts stalking 24/7. What's really odd about this is that he's left while it's dark outside. One would think he'd be playing off humanity's natural fear of the dark.

  2. I've just replied to your comment on my latest post and only NOW see this one.

    WEll, I think we know why he wasn't around, huh? Obviously off telling some sod to get us.

    Or there are other Slenderstalked people in my area?

    As much as that prospect scares me, I think I'd like another comrade in arms.