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Thursday, 20 January 2011

It's finally worked.

I'm partially relieved and partially fucked.

Let me start at the beginning.

My name is Avalesca and I do indeed work at a Library in Kingston-Upon-Thames and have a debilitating fear of open doors. But I'm afraid that I haven't been wholly truthful with you.

In May last year, (the 15th to be exact) I came across the Slenderman Mythos on TVTropes. I read every blog around at that time and saw every v-log. I actually enjoyed it, the same reason I enjoyed the second Silent Hill; it scared the living shite out of me. And then I began to wonder, as many others have, as to whether or not this was all (A) just a thing on the internet, like BEN by Jadusable or (B) real. So I decided to set up an experiment, which I recorded in my diary.

The first posts on this journal/blog are the first entries of my diary after I found out about the Mythos, I posted these deliberately so that this wasn't a variable. Everything else, however, is.


My Actions.
My Words On Other Blogs.
My Thought's On The Subject.

Please, keep in mind that I started my diary hypothesis in May 2010, on the 21st.

It appeared for me that merely knowing of Anorexic Associate did nothing. Saying his name did nothing. Writing in my diary about him did nothing.

So I hiked it up a notch.

I threw myself into an archive binge and researched every inch of his Mythos. The most this did was give me intense paranoia and lead to me having to hum loudly wherever I went while taking Balthazar for walks.

Another notch.

I started taking Balthazar for walks around the Park. The Park nearby is about 3 miles away from where I live and is a nature reserve only frequented by fellow dog-walkers and twitchers. I didn't see him, but I did feel like I was being watched, and that was more than the paranoia.

Another notch.

A write-up in the LJ community "marysues" about a Slenderblog.

More paranoia.

The final notch so far.

My own blog, commenting on Slenderblogs.

Each time after taking it up a notch, I'd go down to the corner shop, it's the perfect route for me to be able to see all around me and be completely aware of any changes to my surroundings.

There was a change today. A certain Anorexic was in the wasteland to the right of the shop, 'staring' in.

And now I reflect on why the flying fuck I decided I wanted to test this hypothesis in the first place.

So I've attracted his attention, my dog hates him, my Mother cannot see him and my cats do not care, but I've proved the theory.

It takes more than merely knowing of Malnourished Monsters in my case, I actively had to taunt him into curiosity.

And now I'm getting ready to go to work to test another theory. I read in one Slenderblog that the weirdo can't enter Churches or Libraries. There's a Church at the end of my road and I work at a Library.

I'll try and figure out why I decided to start attracting his attention while I'm on the bus. I've always been a slight attention whore, but never suicidal. XD



  1. Well good luck facing (for lack of a better term) off with our Slender friend.

    You seem to be quite familiar so there's nothing I can do is there?

    Let's hope this isn't really the case...

  2. Thank you for your intrigue. I suppose if I come across anything that could be useful to others you could spread the word. I doubt I shall so far though.


  3. So THAT'S why we haven't seen the skinny little bitch around for a few days.

    And thanks. For responding to Jack and telling him to buck up. Thank you so much.


  4. Mmm, it appears that the second I decide to say "No Slenderman in London" Slenderman is in London.

    OH U, UNIVERSE -handflit-

    You are welcome, I can't slap people through the internet, but he's got a spine and I would so hate to have to beat him to death with it.