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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

It's always amusing...

When you lead idiots on a wild goose chase. It appears that Proxies/Hallowed/Agents don't know that there are other docks leading to Ireland than just Liverpool.

Unfortunately, there was only one motorway, but I dealt with them.

Ferry ride was rough. I left so late it was early and arrived late too, so yeah, sucky. But there were no Proxies/Hallowed/Agents on board (just alot of shifty looking people, I swear, why would you wear Hawaiian shirts while going to Ireland?!)

So yeah, I'm at my hotel now, free wifi, free food, so that's good. I booked rooms and several different hotels so HAHAHA fuckers. All hotels have burly doormen though, so that's good. Looking through all the shit I bought with me, not alot space-wise, but quantity-wise....let's just say I'm glad that the Car Ferry has lax security. Being one of Slendy's thorns-in-his-side has given me a whole new outlook on minibars, y'know? I only see Molotov ingredients.

Good ole, Momma's influence.

Serena's fine now apparently, but Mum's going to keep her overnight for observation in case of relapse. She's stopped crying now too. Apparently chocolate's a cure-all.

To all of you thinking that Mum would actually physically drop her off at the police station. Nu-uh. No. No way-josé. The last thing we need is Mum in custody for kidnap or something. Or being questioned by the police.

We've got a plan, but I suppose that I'm a Runner now, so I can't say much, right?

Still got quite a while before meet-up, or I could be meeting now...


Good to be home though. I feel stronger than I ever did in London.

New Theory too, by the way.

Ireland, we are famous for magical little people and magic in general, makes me wonder about my stance on magic now, after Slendy...

I'll see what Reach says...

Not replying to most comments, trying to limit my internet consumption. I assure you, I read them all.

The Scientist


  1. Seeing what magic does is the theory I'm going to be testing. Good luck to both of us staying alive long enough to find something that works.

  2. Ava.

    I'm okay now.

    I found where I am, and I'm heading home soon.

    I've done some stuff...but I'll really try and work it out once I'm around family.

  3. Following your blog now. Sorry it's taken me so long, it's been off my radar.

    Here now though.

    The Destroyer



    Urgh. So worried.

  5. Darby? I've seen you around, I really should be following you too right?! Urgh. Sorry. Again. Brain tired....

  6. Yeah, I'm fine.

    I detailed my...adventure in my entry, and I'm pretty far away from home, but I'm just gonna have to hoop up half my savings on a bus fare.

    I'll have time to really go into depth once I'm in my own bed again, and not a bus station bench or internet cafe.

  7. Anon of "Anonymous Here" says Wiccan magic works pretty well, but who knows.

  8. Hehe, here's to hoping you get to Molotov one of the suckers.

    This mean you're gonna try and become a witch? Or even maybe try out being a Science Fairy? This is great, I see good things coming outta this trip, heh.

    ...hope the kid gets better soon. And I hope you two have a fool proof plan.