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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Is ANYONE aware of where Robert lives?

And/or close enough to get to him? Because I just punched my fist into the side of a skip after reading those two posts on White Elephants.

As for me, I'm alive. Brained a Proxy/Hallowed/Agent with a paint can, I think he's alive too though....I'm still touchy about taking another life. I'm going to have to get over that ASAP...

Currently in one of many many many caf├ęs with wifi. Brownie's are nice, coffee's good...

Can't stop thinking about us all, what we're dealing with.....

For the first time I've realised that not everyone has Mum's and my attitude towards death/Slendershit....

If anything, Robert's hysteria just gives me more drive to find out as much as I can about Slendy/kill Redlight.

So tired....

On the move again, check in later.

The Scientist


  1. You will get over it, quickly. I did. I thought it would be hard. First was an accident, it got easier after that.

    But I don't know about Robert, I've tried finding him before, but....nothing.

    I'll post my theories off your theories later, if you're interested.

  2. I don't even know what part of the country he's in, much less is a part I can easily get to. redlight is a bastard, he knows that torturing Robert like this is going to hurt all of us.

    Enjoy the brownie, screw the calories when you're running, right? In fact, have a few good sized bites for me.

  3. @Darby, I'll keep that in mind, mate. Thanks.


    Always interested in Theories, hun. No exceptions.

    @Kay, Of course he is. English vocabulary has yet to consider that level of bastard and as such has no real word for him.

    But of course!!

    I certainly shall. :)

  4. Just went over and read up on what was happening. God dammit, it's pushing hard at us on all sides, making us weak. Seems like everyone is facing /something/ right now.

    Fuck, well, at least you stopped a minion from nabbing ya'. I wouldn't advise killing, but I know you'll make the best choice when it comes down to it. You're smart enough, hehe.

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  7. I really am apologizing, you changed your name from D'artagen (or some shiz) and I was wondering what you meant on Hime's blog "He Waits. I think I know who kitty is"
    Further explaination?

  8. Yes, I did.

    Hime talks in cat terms and says on her profile that "Hime" is Japanese for "Princess" and says that a friend gave her that name.

    Later I happened across your blog and an entry called "Princess" and you said it was the name you gave to a friend.


  9. I seem to remember that he lives in California, but I may be mistaken.

  10. Well it was the name I gave because of her youtube acount. I never met her in the real life.