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Saturday, 29 January 2011

I'm laughing far too much for it to be healthy.

So, I just heard Reach swearing violently through the adjoining door (new hotel, new layout, I refuse to share ANOTHER room, even if we are running from a bloody brick house of a Revenant) and was reaching for my Tazer before I saw a blog update.

Well darling, that's what happens when you don't ease yourself into foods. Maybe go for something a little tamer next time?

You know, after the retching stops.



Ooooh, interesting Theories, Reach, my friend...They do make a twisted sense....

But we need to hit the road soon. We do have places that I'd like to muse on too.

Soon. Like, tomorrow.

Why Ireland?

Why the hell not. We are the site of Tir Na Nog and many believe us to be the home of Magic itself. Even if magic may or may not be real, we still have that powerful feel to our lands, right?


I retract my previous statement. I hope you feel terrible. Until the morning because I don't know the roads anymore and do actually need to get to WestN sometime tomorrow so I'm willing to risk the car.

So we stakeout the hill? Beyond the borders, of course.....


We need to research our ancestors it seems....


  1. Oh great, gettin' one side of the conversation again. Gonna have to go check this guy's blog now. Jeez Ava, you make me work so hard to keep up, I don't think I can handle it.

    So everything was fine today?

  2. You know, you haven't actually explained why going to Newcastle is so important.

    Leave the hill for now. I need to think about it more. It's important for the plan, I can feel it.

  3. No such thing as laughing too much. Don't forget, positive energy is one of our best bets. And really with the two of you being the best version of The Odd Couple I've ever seen, the positive energy is going strong!

  4. @Reach, so what? We're just going to mill around in Dublin for a week or something?!

    I don't feel obligated to tell you, Reach.