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Monday, 24 January 2011

I think this warrants a post.

I've been getting into contact with alot of recently Slenderstalked people, hunting down their blogs for extra research, and they've all pretty much said the same thing at a point.

"I thought I was alone."

And then they've gone on to say varying things about feeling uncomfortable around the rest of us who are already being Slenderstalked.

And I'm just going to make this post here and link the newer guys and gals to it when they say it next.

We are all family in a manner. Seriously.

Okay, fine, it's the single most danger-prone, probably-fatal, dysfunctional, sappy-sometimes, bitchy-othertimes, awesome-alltimes family out there, but it's all most of us have got.

So yeah.

And when some of you die, and you've got to understand this, new guys, we tend to drop like flies round here sometimes, but back-on-track, when some of you die, it's terrible. I get choked up, I hate it, it makes me closer to just ripping Slendy's throat out with my teeth and damn the consequences.


Just ignore this if you've already heard me rant about this, I'm posting something far more important next, but this just hit me and wouldn't let me go. But seriously people, new and old, I love ya. Honestly. Like siblings.

Even if a few of you piss me off no end and some of you make me want to slap you with a fish, I still love you.



  1. I don't know how many times I've tried and failed to say this, but you've pretty much succeeded. I have to add a depressing addendum-- I apologize, but at the end when all the really bad stuff happens.. Well, you're allowed to feel a little alone.

    Yes, this is a family, but you're allowed to feel alone too.

  2. Oh, trust me...I plan on doing a lot of living yet. And the family's nice to have support, but I still feel alone. You've got your mom roped in with you. I'm not telling anyone. I don't want them to get caught up in it. So on the blagosphere, I'm not alone. But in real life, I am.

    Doesn't mean I'm giving up, of course. It only means that it's up to me and me alone. I like a challenge. And like you and I have already said, the community is like family. That's why I've got my blog in the first place. I want you all to survive, and I'll do whatever the hell I can to do that.

  3. You're both right, of course you are, but it just wrenches at me when come across them, sounding so scared and child-like in their posts.

    I mean, I'm trying to figure out what to say to an ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD slenderstalked family.

    Jekyll, if you die, I'd have to kill you.

  4. Hell, I never thought I was alone, I just didn't realize there were so many people out there who know of it. Last time I heard (at the very beginning of my "adventure") there were only a few. Now there's minions crawling outta every crack and people keep finding out.

    As for being a family, well, that's hard to believe. I can say that no one has tried giving me a hand over the years whether they were stalked by it or not. Likewise, I stick to myself and don't involve myself with the disputes that happen. It's easier and safer that way. When you're with people they tend to turn on you and stab you in the back. I'm not saying I'd let someone die, cause' if I could stop it I might pull them outta trouble, but when it comes down to it I care about saving my skin. Call me an coward- I won't argue.

    Try harder at living? I think I'm trying pretty damn hard. Hehe, ten years and it still hasn't caught me. Maybe the one who needs to try harder is /it/.

    Do I piss you off, /kid/?

  5. ...Wow. Lovely way to kill the mood, Tony. You took the mood and you went out back and capped it like Old Yeller.

    Hehehe, don't encourage it XD

    Take a guess, /Old Guy./

  6. Just providing my services for the needy, obviously. I'm a bucket of overflowing encouragement, hehe.

    Oh, that hurts. Just because I'm nearing forty doesn't mean I'm old. Just means I'm /experienced/.

  7. If I died, I'd probably have to kill myself.

    Okay, and that kind of sounds like I'm hinting at suicide. I'm not. I was making a paradox. Stupid awkward wording.

  8. Don't worry, I didn't think that's what you were hinting to XD

    Paradoxes make everything more fun! Or do they?

    This statement is False.

    There's a paradox for ya.

  9. Careful, there. You don't want to kill any robots that might be reading.

  10. Aw man.


  11. Because some of my best friends are robots. I'd hate for you to be responsible for the death of one of their loved ones.

  12. Hi, sorry. Just catching up. Brand new Slendystalked here. I think. It's a little strange, yet. I just had to say thank you, because this is the first thing to make me smile all day.