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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I hate you, Body Clock.


2AM right now?


I'm awake with no signs of sleeping?

But of course.

Balthazar deciding it would be REALLY nice if he ate only ONE of my red leather shoes.


I mean, come on mate. If you're going to eat my shoes, show some commitment! Eat both you great furry wuss.

....And as I am writing this, he's stolen my pillow. I have a hard time deciding whether I live in an Asylum or a Menagerie.

Still, watching an episode of Big Bang Theory and laughing derisively at the fact that, while they are supposed to be genii, THEY MIS-LABELLED THE "X" AND "Y" AXIS. WHUT. HOW DO YOU DO THAT IF YOU AREN'T IN 2ND YEAR?!


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