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Saturday, 22 January 2011

I don't like this.

At all. I've told her about blogging just like I told her about Facebook but she defies me anyway.

I suppose in this instance I can excuse it.

My name is Daisee Delaney and yes, that's a stupid way to spell Daisy. My Daughter has given up on pestering me to post and instead threw her netbook at me and demanded I post. I don't think I'll be some kind of...regular contributor to this, Ava is the one who actually knows her way around this fecking thing anyway.

She told me about this 'meme' thing (and then proceeded to lecture me about Richard Dawkins coining the term before I finally had to shut her up by giving her coffee) that's in our lives. Slenderman? What kind of stupid name is that? Honestly. Couldn't you people think of something more imaginative? It doesn't matter now anyway, does it?

Right, the reason I'm posting, other than the fact that Ava made it seem imperative, is because she's gone out.

For a smart girl, she's really stupid.

But the note she left me obviously states that she's gone down to the local Synagogue, even though she hasn't done anything vaguely religious since I adopted her. It's probably to do with her 'Theories.' You can hear the capital letter when she talks about it...

She was right though, this is kind of theraputic to be writing all this stuff down. I haven't looked back over her blogs before she told me about Slenderman, so I think I'll do that next.

She hasn't taken the dog. I just realised, because Balthie just started barking, but she hasn't taken the dog. Why didn't she take the dog with her? She said the having the dog around protects you or freaks him out or something so why didn't she take the damn dog?!

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