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Friday, 21 January 2011



proxy/agent/look whatever you call them,fucking decide on a word blogosphere, at the door. why ddid mum answer it? urgh. i need a break.

EDIT: Right, it's been about half an hour since I started this post and I'm actually fucking steady now.

My Mother is some kind of Knight in Shining Armor. There was a Proxy/Agent/Hallowed at the door when she answered it, I ventured into the hall at the sound of the door opening and my Mum threw a fucking lit oil lamp at him.

We have candles and oil lamps down the hallway and OHMYSWEETLORD I shall never regret telling my Mother about Slenderman. It may have been one of my most selfish moves of my life, but if she didn't know that Proxies/Hallowed/Agents would show up and if she didn't know that a guy saying "I will take you to him," wasn't just some drunk nutjob, we'd be dead or something. Balthazar started barking like fucking crazy and tried to rip the guy's arm off and Mum was just amazing.

I take back ever bad thing I've ever said about her.

I've never felt more ineffectual in my entire life though, I mean, I was 'armed' with two plates of pasta for dinner.

Proxies/Hallowed/Agents seem to be moving fast though, I've only had his attention for a little while...maybe he actually was around back in May...

Yeah, that guy isn't coming back.



  1. Hmm...what happened in may?

  2. In May 2010, I started trying to attract Slenderbender's attention.

    Maybe it worked back then but I wasn't important enough? Or I didn't notice? I don't think everything would move quite so fast had I only JUST attracted attention.

  3. Foolishness?

    Stepping into a trap is wise when there is knowledge of the trap -

    Do you understand everything?

    Perhaps. Luck.

  4. Maybe it's because you started a blog. I mean, that's why I haven't done so yet. Shit hits the fan when people start blogs.

    As far as his moving fast goes, well, maybe he perceives you as a threat. Or maybe he's just breaking up from his usual pattern to screw with/unnerve you, which seems the most likely to me. So, um, expect the unexpected?

  5. I'm no stranger to the strange man.

    I understand little there is to understand, yet know all that there is to currently know.

    See? I can do it too.

    It probably is the active taunting, I'm going to have to re-evaluate my Theory that he only started stalking me four days ago. It probably is to unnerve me, I act like I know his habits, his habits change, yep that sounds about right.

    So thinking about it from the perspective of 'He's known of me since May 2010,' suddenly I feel twenty times worse...

    My hourly notebook has documented no recent memory loss though, so that's good.

  6. Apologies - easier to... think if everything short, abstract.

    Chaotic? Maybe once. Theories, though, are useful.

    I wish luck.

  7. It's fine, I appreciate your good wishes, but I have a headache coming on and I'm on edge.

    Theories ARE useful. They bring order to the chaos, or at the very least, categorise it. I have no wish to end up one of the dead or insane.

    I've found that remaining calm, even if it is a forced calm, keeps me sane. Though, considering the fact that I'm laughing hysterically just re-thinking over Mother's actions may throw my sanity into doubt. :)

  8. Your mother is a ninja.

    She and Lya would be molotov buddies, I swear.

    And in response to the question of where He was, yeah, probably recruiting the proxy to watch you while He came back to make sure we weren't being dumbasses and shooting ourselves in the foot trying to chase down proxies. Ass.

    And He left the front door open, inconsiderate bitch.

    Makes me wish we had a dog, though Preston's method of running at the window, fuckload of feathers poofed up and shrieking like a fucking banshee does catch them off guard long enough to make the hurt happen.


  9. I do actually have a fucking ninja as a Mother.

    I feel so proud.

    Hnnnnnnnnn. Greeeaaatttt.

    Ah yes, beware the wrath of small chicks, for you are crunchy and look like bird-seed.

  10. Let me start out by saying you're a goddamn retard for doing that little experiment of yours- did you wanna be killed, kid? Cause' that's what's gonna happen at this rate. Then let me follow it up with: why the fuck would you tell your mom? You want her to die too?

    You people don't seem to understand the concept of keeping to yourself and cutting ties so no one else gets hurt. But y'know what, it doesn't matter, does it? It's already happened and my words can't change that.

    You strike me as being smart for your age, Ava, and I'd hate to see you digging yourself in an even bigger hole. But mostly I'm concerned for your mother. She did all the work today, yeah? If it weren't for her you'd both be screwed in every way possible. You need to man up or you're gonna be the death of her- and I'm not just saying this to be some mean old man (though most of the time that is the case).

    In other words Ava, learn that this isn't some science experiment that you can walk away from. You better be willing to get your hands dirty for your mom since you dragged her into this. Jesus, kid- what were you thinking?

  11. I must say, seeing your post made me smile, Tony.

    I suppose now is the time to come clean about my flippancy, right?

    Terminal Cancer, bitches. It's something both my Foster Mum and I are in remission for (she's been clean for about 4 years and me for about 6, hence my home-schooling), so basically. Death by Cancer In The Future. Or Death by Freak We Can Help Beat.

    And yes, I know it was a stupid, selfish thing to do, but I wasn't about to leave her. Look here mate, I love my Mother but I'm not a Runner. I've said this many times.

    And yes, my friend, I'm going to have to 'man up.' I already knew this, I'm no idiot, but breaking with his previous tradition is nothing to help, I'm just more prepared for next time.

    Of course I'm willing to get my hands dirty, I'm not some delicate little flower and I've kicked more than one Old Guy in the nuts before, so I'd ask you to stop calling me 'kid.'

    And she didn't do all the work, Balthazar and I have done our fair share too. Plus,if he's truly a manifestation of our childhood fears, who better to tell than your Mother?

  12. Hm.

    I'm wondering, just putting a few thoughts out there: remember the theory our group discussed with Sandra? That mothers throughout the ages warning their children about imaginary monsters led to this?

    Maybe, by letting your mom in on this, it'll be more effective. If Sandra's guesses are correct, and well-intentioned mothers helped create Him, letting them know of the mistakes made in the past by previous generations could assist greatly in altering His modus operandi, or even eliminate His influence entirely. Hell, with enough in the ranks, He might even go away.

    I'm not saying everyone should send out a mass text of "omg mom tall d00d tryn' kill us all halp l0l", but your decision may have a HUGE impact on how we fight back.


  13. I just finished reading all of your blogs.

    You are braver than i am.

    Far more intelligent too.

    Right now, i am taking a short break in my travels in a residential area, leeching off some super fast Wi-fi i found. thank god for stupid people who dont know how to lock their network.

    All i can say is: thank you for doing this. It is a shame to hear about the cancer, i'd hate to see you go. But alas, you already came to terms with your mortality, right?

    I wish there was some way i could help you.


    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  14. Glad to cheer you up?

    And wow, kid-I mean, Ava (don't want you kicking my ass)- way to make a guy feel awkward. Damn, this is uncomfortable territory. I, uh, shit. Hope I didn't say anything that offended you too bad.

    I know it seemed hard at the time. And if I had been your age when all this crazy business started up, I would've been tempted too. I get where you're coming from and nothing we say or do can change the facts at this point. Just make sure to keep her safe.

    I gotta say you're tougher than I gave you credit for. If you ever need any help...well, I'm willing to break some rules for one person, maybe.

    By the way, what kinda name is Balthazar? Sounds stupid.

  15. @Lya Oh hi there! What's this I hear about Slenderbender not closing the door after himself? Honestly, Eldrich Abominations have no manners these days.

    You see, that's a thing. If he's truly from that Thoughtform, I told the one person on Earth that was basically made to protect me, what any small child does. And small children were his main prey, were they not?

    So yeah, I ran to Mummy.

    I'm glad you think it a big enough step against him.

    @NOOC, interesting username by the way.

    I'm not brave, I'm apathetic, or maybe just pathetic.

    I am intelligent, but that was cultivated by my parents anyway.

    I'm glad to know you're still alive, and yes, people who fail to lock their Wi-Fi are a godsend sometimes, are they not?

    You're welcome, even if I don't know what you're thanking me for.

    The Cancer is just another thing, 1 in 3 people are directly affected by it, so I'm not the only person on Earth. I suppose that already having come to terms with my mortality and my Mother's mortality helps me to calm down so far as to think about this situation logically.

    Sorry for the late answer, I was helping Mum set up my next Theory, she's wholly into figuring this out too, I think she would have liked Dad.

    I think I'll ask her if she wants to post here too, I'd like you guys to hear from my Mother, she took me out of one of the darkest places of my life and it's amazing having her by my side now.

    @Tony I do realise that it feels like I've just pulled some horrible cousin of the Race Card on you, but ehhhh.

    Mate, it would take a fucktonne more than that to offend me, I live about three streets away from the BNP Wandsworth headquarters (they're basically the Republican Tea Party, but with out guns and with alot more hate.) Thank you, I can tell it's a genuine offer from you and I'll take it with genuine respect. You see Lya up there? She, Matt and Sandra have been co-existing with Slenderbender for ten years too, check out their blog.

    It is a silly name, but my biological parents were hella pretentious. THEY NAMED ME AVALESCA. I have twelve middle names too.

    They had issues.


  16. I thought so as well (in regards to my name)

    And in the little time i have left on this battery, i will explain what i am thanking you about.

    Thank you for doing this whole thing. Anything we can learn about this thing will help out.

    I would like to see your Mother post as well, see what her thoughts are and all that.



    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  17. NOOC, may I just say one more thing? Hopefully your battery hasn't died, but in my 17 years, I've NEVER met ANYONE who wasn't 'Of Consequence.'

    Everyone is important.

  18. I choose to be No One Of Consequence.

    i think of it like this; if i believe that no one cares about me, it makes it slightly easier to sever ties with them. still hurts, but it makes it a little less painful.

    the only people who i shall allow to care about me are those who are already deeply embedded in this shit. That way, i know they arent getting hurt.... more....... yeah...


    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  19. ...If you die, I'll fucking follow you into the afterlife and kill you again.

    Well, you're Of Consequence to us.

  20. Thank you for the compliment i guess. its nice to know that i matter to you.

    Course i dont plan on dying anytime soon. still have to do something.

  21. Of course you matter, you prick. Everyone matters. Middle name D'Artagan, remember? All for one and One for all.