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Thursday, 27 January 2011


Hnn. Onomatopoeia.
[1] The noise Spock makes when he can't be bothered to explain/argue.
[2] When coupled with wide-eyes and gibbering, it means that maybe the other person should shut up before they wake up on a tree with their colon where their windpipe should be.
[3] "Please, dear god, shut up."

There's been alot of "hnn'ing" recently and only two of those definitions have been fulfilled.

I woke up for a little while , heard Balthazar growling angrily and immediately bolted up, groping for the cricket bat, but then realised that I was just in the back of my car (con blanket. Thanks, I guess) and my baby was growling at Reach, still driving.

Not a word.

Commented on a few blogs, went back to sleep, woke up again when it was early. It takes about 20mins to Dublin in a straight line, so my guess is we stopped somewhere for a while (and judging by the fact that I was in the back seat, yes, yes we did stop somewhere) or Reach took some kind of all-about-the-houses route to throw anybody off. Eeeh. Obviously Reach read my comment, cuz he was +1 iPhone.

And so begins the first of the "hnn-a-thon's."

"Soooo...." I shuffle to sit upright as I take in the outside world and it's anti-climactic traffic jams. I make a mental note to check out how Tony's doing.

"Where are we going?" Well, at least one of us is to the point.


A look is shot. The look either says "No, really?!" or "And how many Libraries do you think are in Dublin, dipshit?"

"Shut up." Silence since I'm now searching on my phone and my baby's asleep. About two minutes and three inches forward later I snap my fingers, "Dublin National."

"That has only family and town documents." He frowns at me before quickly hurling the Land Rover into a space in the jam. I smack my head on the door and resolve to get back in the driving seat after this.

"And newspaper microfiches. Oh, yeah and I'm no Ben Gates, but we need to break into the R section of the Photo Arc's and I don't think you or I have a Library card."


After about two more minutes of silence I question-bomb Reach about Slenderbender and Remnants. "Hnn's" are exchanged several times.And then my piece de resistance:

"If you can't say what the thing in the quarry is or where said quarry would be, can you show it?"

I still don't have an answer. Damn fast-moving traffic after the lights. We park a way away from the Library and since it's about 3C at 8AM Reach doesn't look too out of place in all that gear. Still, both of us tensed when we had to pass through the trees.

Y'know, two years ago I would have just admired the architecture and the tasteful choice and layout for the trees, now I think that the Council did that purposefully to help him.


Anyway, good that I know how Libraries work from behind the scenes since I'm able to play the "Oh you must be shattered, I know how you feel, I'm worked terribly back in London..." To get the lady to give me the box of microfiches and then leave for a tea-break. In case you didn't know, microfiches are sometimes needed to be supervised because (and this has happened back in London,) sometimes people either steal them or scratch them up.

Yeah I can play a Responsible Young Adult...

Keyword, "play."

So I spent my morning skimming through several small boxes of microfiche and Reach spent the morning...doing Reach things. He just said he had his own shit to attend to...Eh.

Balthazar was asleep when I finished, I'd tied him to the fence out back, and after I'd printed what I found off I went back to the car and got out his travel bowls so he could eat and drink.

And when Reach came back he wouldn't tell me what the fuck.

And so I'm sitting in a traffic jam, having given up my keys again because we have places to get to quickly and I have said that I was willing to die for the cause before.

He'd better tell me what his stuff is soon cuz I've only got so many Ireland-Exclusive Theories to test and then it's on to helping him with whatever the hell it is I signed up for.

I think I've got issues with trust. "Yeah sure, I'll help the guy who Heel Face Turned without knowing what the hell, but I'll distrust small children while I'm at it."

Seriously mate, TUC? Have you never had Jacobs Cream Crackers? Earl's?

No sign of him or any lackeys just yet...


Shit, I just saw the date...I'm 18 already. Wonderful, I can legally get pissed in a bar now.

The Scientist


  1. Then Happy Birthday, or belated as it may be. You ever make it to my side of the pond, drinks are on me.

  2. So, you are older than me, I was right. Or you were right. One of us was.

    Happy Birthday :D!

  3. Im not gonna conform to the others by saying happy birthday. as far as im concerned, birthdays are slightly over-rated.

    but then again im an angsty 17 year old who is being followed by the worst shit to ever hit the fan. so maybe my perception is skewed...

    anyway i guess have a glorious commemoration of your birth (or something)

    i really dont wanna turn 18 though... makes me legal... and the implications... *shudders*

    anyway, gotta go to school now. gonna keep my eyes open and tell everyone what i see. :D

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  4. Happy birthday! Or unbirthday, as the case may be. Would you like some tea, with the hatter and the hare? Oh, dear. I hope we can get out of this rabbit hole, yeah? Although we're all mad here.

    Just got Netflix on the laptop. Something to take my mind off things, yeah?

  5. Happy Birthday- you're finally not a kid anymore (not that that'll stop me from calling you one, hehe).

    Nice to see I'm one of the top priorities- way to make a guy feel special.

    Be careful, sounds like you're gonna get to do something fun soon. Try not to get brutally mutilated, okay? What did you find exactly, by the way? Actually, what the hell were you looking for in the first place?

  6. @Everyone

    D'AWWW Thank you. But it was my birthday yesterday....I only just realised, how sad is that?

    Eeeh, I had other things to be doing anyway.

    Can't talk too much, bored as fuck over here.

    Can't tell you guys what I was looking for/found just yet either.

  7. Just a sign that you're gettin' old, Ava. How's that Alzheimer's working for you? Hehe...

    Yeah, yeah, we're out of the loop and only in it when you guys want us to be. Just be sure to update when you can, Oh Amazing Librarian. (I swear, that name is never gonna get old, heh!)

  8. Normally I would say "congratulations on not dying", but somehow that seems wrong. Especially since not dying is something of an achievement for you.

  9. I stand by my choice in cracker. Jacob's and Earl's are too bland, even for me.

    And like I said earlier, "hnn". I'll let you in on my plan when I'm sure I have one. Just test your theories for now.

  10. you know.... im surprised you didnt flip out when i said i was going to school...

  11. I've barely replied to comments for the past day X_x

    Y'know, what with the breaking into into buildings and archives and shit...

    And I'm not even now. School is a safe place, many people, he can't get you there. That's why I still kept up going to College.

    Be safe, please.

  12. im gonna quote you in my next post. you will see why there.