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Saturday, 22 January 2011

He's there.

Directly outside my window, 'staring' at me. I've let the three dogs I got today off their leash once I got indoors (and yes Mother, I have your can opener and no, I didn't go to the Synagogue in the end) went straight to the study and stopped dead. He was there, just standing in full-view of the window.

And because there are four great Danes in the house and my Mum, I bit back the nausea, thought that it wouldn't be best if I collapsed in fear and instead decided it would  be best to test the minor Theory Aimee and I came up with yesterday.

So, I glared at him and focussed all my energy on believing him to not be real.

Fairy Theory

Yeah, no, that doesn't work. It just pisses him off, he cocked his head about...90 degrees to the right? An impossible angle for something with the average amount of vertebrae in his neck, but there's nothing average about him is there?

So, after feeling seriously sick at that sight, I just started singing loudly to myself so I had a tether to sanity and walked closer to the window and closed the curtains.

I've still got a Theory to test concerning the Operator Symbol and, if I'm perfectly honest, the fact that I've already come to terms with my mortality doesn't even dampen the absolute fucking terror I'm feeling at knowing I'm going to have to pull this off.

I may not be Running to save my Mother, but I'm not getting her involved in some of my more risky Theories.

He hasn't killed us yet and I shall make sure he doesn't in the future.

He underestimates us and we shall fuck him up.

And Redlight?


Die in a fire.



  1. Not really sure what to say here, but do whatever you need to do to keep safe and alive Ava.

    Sounds superfluous, I know, but I'm not very good at the whole "advice giving" or "moral support" thing.

    Just felt I needed to say something, since you took the time to say something to help on my end.

    You really helped, by the way. I hope the favour gets returned, one of these days.

  2. It's perfectly fine, you all keep me sane by just being alive.

    I doubt that I've helped that much. I'm not just being modest, seriously some of the things in my blog should really only be attempted by someone like my Mother or I. But you're welcome, for whatever help you find.