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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Haven't checked any blogs yet and I'm so damn tired but still, Findings.

But I'm back.

Serena’s still asleep apparently, not sure if that’s just ten-year-old tiredness or something else, but I’m not there to see for myself, I’m currently posting from the University College Lab before I go home. No bus for me this time, Dr Cameron’s driving me home.


My Findings.

Well, first off, Dr Cameron is the most amazingly super-fantastic awesome lecturer I could have hoped for. I told her I was working on an extra-credit project and BOOM in.

I knew getting good grades with no social life would pay off in the long run.

Anyway, Findings.

  • Burning is the ONLY possible way to get rid of it. It can’t be cut, stabbed, poked, prodded, or physically harmed in any manner.
  • It reacts in a violent exothermic reaction when in contact with water. Highly similar to pure Sodium.
  • Highly flammable, gives off a smell like petrol (need Vivi and Chester’s back-up/feedback on this one considering Dr Cameron remarked that the room smelt like vanilla) when burnt.
  • Seems to have a very VERY low degree of separate sentience, it moved once or twice, but only when I wasn’t looking at it. Quantum-Locked maybe? Very Weeping Angels.
  • Tests positive for cyanide, low-levels though.
  • Litmus test shows that it has a PH Value of 11.5, HIGHLY Alkaline substance, it seems.
  • When part of a High-Velocity-Impact it explodes upon contact in a manner similar to firecrackers, eg, loud ‘pop’ and a small flash-bang. Acrid-smelling smoke is left behind.
  • Virtually impossible to determine what it’s Elemental Compounds are, it just doesn’t react to normal (and a few not-so-normal) tests. So I’m reduced to guesswork. Sodium maybe, possible Potassium Cyanide, possible Petroleum. Or it’s just a wholly other-worldly substance with no rhyme or reason.
  • When heated slowly, it melts to a thin liquid at about 230C, when heated quickly it explodes.
  • When cooled slowly it freezes at about -27C, when cooled quickly it explodes.
  • In running with Robert’s findings on Slendy’s ‘blood,’ it’s a good electrical conductor and a good magnetic conductor. If I had to pin a term to it, I’d say that it’s a form of Plasma. Not Blood-Plasma though, Sublimed-Plasma.
  • Not in keeping with Will's findings, it's flammable as mentioned, but I have yet to find out if there was any form of chemical reaction inside the girl to make it so combustible.
  • Incidentally, the substance sublimes at about 5C, hence it’s form as a Solid in our temperatures.

That’s all I know so far, folks. I’ll try to organise what this may mean when I get home after a nice, strong coffee and checking-up on Serena. I’ve left a few slides to take on the Iodine enough for Microscopic Analysis and a few Culture Dishes are in the ‘cooker’ overnight. I’ll have to get Mum to check on them tomorrow...

Haven’t seen him all day and neither has Mum. The dogs seem calm too, so he definitely isn’t at home.

I'm leaving for Dublin about half an hour after I get home, it'll be nice to be back in the Homeland after so long, but I'm not going to be there for nostalgic reasons. Reach needs help over there and thinks we're close to something, I'm close by and majorly pissed that the place where I was born and my parents were born and their parents were born and ectectect is getting overrun with freaks and fuckwits. I'll be taking Balthazar and a few other things that shall be vaguely hard to get past Security unless I play it off and some kid's toy or something, but the cricket bat is just a cricket bat (after I scrubbed all the blood off.)

Gotta go, Dr Cameron’s calling.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


  1. Ahh, Ireland! Where the wind comes, sweeping down the plain...and the waving wheat sure can smell sweet!

    Heard someone singing that at the Bed and Breakfast. I don't think it was about Ireland, though.

    Maybe a leprechaun will bury Slendy in potatoes. Ha. Just joking. I bet It likes potatoes. They have eyes. It doesn't. Makes It feel better. Or Arty Fowl will drop him down the chute at Tara. E-7?

    Google can certainly tell you a lot of things about a place. Bagpipes. Demomen. Fairies. Half of it is probably discriminatory, with Scotland, and whatnot. But don't crash. In the plane. Or the boat. Or the train. I dunno. Can Slendy swim? Fly? I bet It does a killer breaststroke.

    Or Dublin, California? In which case these are the ramblings of a madman. I've been practically stalking this blog. Nobody else posts as often. Apologies if I appear too clingy. The fear is penetrating, you know? Anyway. Bye. Have fun.

  2. Well, most of this shit went over my head. Knew I should've paid more attention to science class in high school. Eh, I'm not the one doing the experiments though so it doesn't matter.

    Be careful, Ava. If there is a lot of trouble, I don't want to suddenly get cryptic messages on your blog telling us that it sees us and shit. Keep yourself safe first and then everyone else second. Also you might catch sight of it at Dublin since you've haven't seen it all day. Just a possibility if things are that bad where you're headed.

  3. Fuck, it finally loaded.

    Ava, I need help. You'll see why on my recent post.

    No one respond to this, don't need to take away attention from her important stuff.

  4. I dont know much about science, but that sounds serious.

    Does Reach know you are coming to help? He seems like the sort to need to know way ahead of time.

  5. @Frappers, Actually, I'm quite sure that that track is about Texas or some other place in America.

    OH GOD. The FIRST thing I need right now is a smart-arse Irish criminal mastermind. He's be able to help. Hnnn fuck you fiction for being stupidly unattainable in a time of need.

    @Tony, now why am I not surprised? XD Don't worry, I plan to be just as safe there as I am here. Which means that I'll be doing a fucktonne more tests in a place steeped in magical folklore and possible real magic.


    @Slice, it is, but Serena should be okay...

    Yeah, he knows. It's on his blog. I had no-idea he was in Ireland...I've been wanting to go back home for a while, guess I finally have an excuse, huh?

    Oh god, Inky...

  6. I'll venture a guess that the fuzzy handcuffs are because you're into restraint but you don't like the way cuffs rub against your wrists. Hence the padding.

    As for your experiments, best of luck. Just exercise complete caution at all times.

  7. Actually, no. It's because I got handcuffed to a random guy from college by my best-friend for my 17 birthday.

    But kinda yes too.... >>

    Thank you. I intend to.

  8. @ Fraps: That was a song from Oklahoma. Or, did you know that and I missed the joke until it was too late?