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Saturday, 29 January 2011


Yes, yes, yes, yes, NOW I can tell them what the hell went down.


I hope you're getting this bitch-stare.


I've still got leaves in my hair and gravel in my shoulder, Reach.

But yeah thanks shut up.

Tootling about in the café, go out back to feed Balth and BOOM, comment on my blog from my travelling companion.

SO yeah, bolt out front to the car yadda yadda (I really wish I brought a Ford Cortina now...I coulda slid across the bonnet or something.)

Reach tells me what the hell is going on when we're bombing down a street at probably illegal speeds.

A child sacrifice altar.

Ohohohohohooooo, part of me was screaming bloody murder, part of me was miffed that I didn't find anything on child sacrifice in Ireland AT ALL. ¬_¬

But this is all beside the point. The fact is, there was obviously something there. SOMETHING that we could have gotten to and SOMETHING that could have probably helped had the fucking HULK not materialised out of THE FUCKING THIN AIR LIKE HARRY MOTHERFUCKING POTTER.

Of course, my first thought was "Oh shit, he's going for Reach and then I'm fucked."

First thought of his was probably, "HULK ANGRY. HULK KILL GIRL." Or something equally retarded, didn't look like the brightest bulb in the kitchen lighting.

And then I was tumbling down the hill we'd just spent ten minutes hiking up.

Reach, you jerk, I've still got grazes and shit you asdghfgjhk

Yeah, thanks for saving my life that time >_> No. I'm not saying it out loud.

So I was stopped by a nice rock that saw my plight and set himself in my way to slow me to a lovely gentle stop.

By which I mean the air woofed out of me the second that bastard slammed into my back. So I was coughing and hacking and wheezing and self-pitying before I remembered just why I had been rolling.

Reach and HULK (who I now know to be 'Slate' but I'm going to continue with my nickname) beating the ever-loving shit out of eachother as they rolled down the hill. I nearly fucking screamed when I saw it before I remembered that Reach can heal and ohgodheadsarenotsupposedtobendthatway but he'll be fine and oh god is that bone?!

I repeat my earlier statement.

Fucking glad I'm armed. Balth may have been asleep in the car, but I had my Tazer, like a good little sociopath.

I just saw red like that time with Tuxedo Shit and started swearing. Ahahahahahaha I know words that even you don't, Reach, my friend.

Oooh, my aim isn't quite as fucked as it should be, I got HULK in the neck. (Would have been piss-hard to miss, he's like a fucking house.) And of course, that side I was lamenting only being able to use on Redlight came back and I started cackling like a mad person as he spazzed out and fucking screamed like a bitch while I was literally trying to fucking tear him to pieces with words.

Women do not need to slap the stupid, not when our tongues are razor sharp.

And then HULK ripped the Tazer trails out of him and tried to lunge for me again but Reach got him with his own Tazer.

In the face.


And then he vanished again.

Fucking magical shithead. I was just having fun.

And then I hooked Reach's arm around my neck and actually got to drive my own damn car for a change.

Got the most KNOWING looks from the hotel staff. (Obviously thought I was helping my drunk boyfriend up to 'our' room.)

And then it was just a few solid hours of really weird creaking noises as Reach's leg healed itself and silent speculation.




So yeah. I'm tired and kinda smug and kinda OHFINE REACH, THANK YOU. THERE. I SAID IT OUT LOUD TOO OH DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK.


Still, You saved my life, I...stopped you from fighting HULK til the wee hours.

So yeah. Go to Reach's blog for his side, cuz I know fuck all about some of the bits but I'm tired and exhausted and my mind needs to ruminate on so much shit that happened today, BLOGOSPHERE and IRL.

And ohgodJeff.

I'm so sorry, my friend.

You will be in my dreams. You and Cheska.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


  1. Wow...I just, wow...what the fuck?

    There are so many things in this post that confuse me that I don't even know where to start.

    You okay, kid?

  2. Don't underestimate Slate. He's very much a Genuis Bruiser.

    Night to you too.

  3. @Tony. Words, Tony. Use your words.

    Yes. I am fine. Weary, but fine.

    @Reach, Oh he's got to be good to get the jump on us, but bloody hell, I can't take someone who looks like he necked horse tranks for seven straight days before downing a whole vat of HGH seriously.

  4. Huh, went and read what happened on Reach's blog. Just learned a whole lot more in less than five minutes, that's for sure. Who knew there were super powered people in the world, hehe?

    Well, I think my night just took a turn for the worst. But at least I'll never have to worry about them.

    Rest up then, Ava. You definitely earned it. I, uh, glad you're safe.

  5. *blink blink* Did the slender series just get a kickass action sequence?

  6. As horrifying as the experience sounds, it doesn't make me laugh any less at this. Your side is so much funnier to read then Reach's. XD

  7. Yes, Kaiju, yes it did.

    Sounds like you fought the good fight. Rest up. Stay safe. God, this stuff makes my life seem so damn /calm/. Not that I'm complaining.

    And Tony, be careful, whatever's happening.

  8. @Tony, ah, yes, you didn't know about the hypersensitive Revenants did you?


    HA! That sounds almost /normal/, Tony! Thanks. Stay alive you berk.

    @Kaiju, Series? That makes us sound like we're in a TV Programme or something.....

    @Miss Hero, Hehehe, I guess I just have the defence mechanism of humour. I'm still shaking from leftover adrenaline and have /far/ to many questions that need answering.

    Unfortunoutely, the only person that could answer those questions is HULK and I doubt he'd be forthcoming with information.

    @Aimee, well, at least you're /not/ in my place! I'd hate that. Thanks, I intend to.

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  10. Reposting to correct some grammar errors.

    Damn girl color me impressed. Send me your size requirements and once I can move a little better I'll make you a super heroine costume. Would you prefer with or without a cape? :)